Courtney and Cody

Proposal Ideas The Lantern Festival

Cody and I always enjoy going places together, whether actual events or simply just hiking in the woods; we enjoy each other’s company every where we go. I saw that there was going to be a Lantern Festival going on in Pittsburgh which was about an hour or so away from where we live, I really wanted to go to one so Cody made it happen and I was absolutely ecstatic. I am a photographer so more than anything I just wanted to capture the night with my camera and go on another adventure with Cody.

Come Festival day, we arrive, get scanned in, gather our goodie bags and a spot to sit.

As we were relaxing at our seats, I see a fellow friend and photographer of mine there and call her over. I genuinely thought she was there to capture the lanterns in the sky like I was planning on doing, (Little did I know she was there to capture our proposal…) She went there by her self if I may add, which still some how didn’t make me think anything weird of it, so we invite her to sit with us as well as a few strangers looking for a place to set their things as well, through out the day. She was taking random pictures all day, as was I because that’s simply what we do, haha. Cody, me, my photographer friend and the fellow strangers we invited to our sitting area share conversations, smiles, pictures, laughter, and hours go by; now fast forward to Lantern time. The bands playing at the festival all day are finished, so pre-chosen songs begin playing as everyone begins to open up and light their lanterns. Imagine by John Lennon begins to play, I am a huge Beatles fan so the setting is perfect, lanterns are beginning to enter the sky, great music is playing, I barely even notice my friend taking a bunch of pictures of what I later find out are of us and this moment…

Couttney and Cody's Engagement in The Lantern Festival

Cody and I are lifting our lantern into the sky and he lets go of it quickly, so I go to look at him and next thing I know he is down on one knee with this little case he put together in his hands; a rose is sitting inside of it wrapped in fairy lights to light up the ring that rests in the center of the rose and that’s when he pops the question.

I was so shocked the first thing that flew out of my mouth was “Are you serious?!” and then of course a quick and excited “Yes!” At that point he gets back up and greets me with an intimate hug and a joyful kiss and then places the ring on my finger. The friends we made that night are clapping, strangers are even taking cell phone pictures, there’s random “awww’s” through out the crowd and after everything calms back down, we bring our attention back to the lanterns flooding the night sky and everything is just, blissful.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Lantern Festival

After the event ends, I find out why my photographer friend was there, more people approach and congratulate us, and we head home. It was everything I could have dreamed of. We were simply doing what we love to do together, with the addition of a symbol and memory that promises we’ll spend the rest of our lives together.

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