Courtney and Christopher

How We Met

I’ll never forget swiping right on Christopher’s Tinder profile. His backward hat, coral shirt and the mountain backdrop immediately caught my attention; outdoorsy and handsome! He’ll tell you he swiped right because he thought I had a cute dog. We will both tell you our first date was terrible. We met for drinks at a local cocktail lounge where we shared our favorite outdoor adventures. Our good conversation carried over into dinner at a swanky restaurant overlooking the city. By the time we started scarfing down calamari and spicy tuna rolls, it was way past my typical bedtime. I don’t do well when I’m tired or have work super early the next morning. Christopher noticed. Conversation dwindled. That night he walked me to my car and we said goodnight with a quick hug.

He texted me afterward and made plans to get together on Sunday. Sunday came and went and I didn’t hear from him. I went on another date with another dude. Monday he called, apologizing for not calling and said he had a panic attack. Why was this guy, who I went on one date with, sharing this with me? His honesty intrigued me and struck a chord with me- I had panic attacks too. Our date was ok- why not go on another date? I was supposed to meet him and a two of his friends at dinner that night. He was going to send an uber to pick me up. I canceled last minute after a long day at work. His friends told him to move on. He asked the waitress what her thoughts were, she told him to give me another chance (thank goodness for this girl!)

With a few more texts back and forth, we set up a day date, a hike through the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness. The hike happened to be about a one and a half hour drive away and a 12-mile trek. We pulled up to the trailhead and Christopher pulled out his GPS Spot and sent our location to my dad (just in case, I mean he was still a semi-stranger and this scored him major points with the parents!). During the 12 mile hike, Christopher and I talked like we had been friends for years already. There were no awkward silences and I swear, my cheeks hurt from laughing the whole way back down the trail. After a full day of hiking, we reached the car, where Christopher set up a portable table with my favorite snacks and whiskey. I remember thinking I had never met anyone as thoughtful as he was. We began heading back home when he asked if I was hungry. There was a small town I hadn’t yet been to another hour in the opposite direction of home. Did I want to go there and grab dinner? It would make our drive home significantly longer, but hey, I was enjoying the company and had the town on my list of places I wanted to visit. This date turned into a seventeen-hour adventure together! How many people do you know that you can stand for that long? When you find ’em, hold on to ’em. :)

We continued to go on dates, but still hadn’t had our first kiss. I really enjoyed Christopher. He was kind, funny and kept me on my toes, but I resisted leaving the friend zone. That all changed when I had a scheduled flight over Halloween to visit a guy friend of mine in Dallas, Texas. At this point, we’d only spent a few weeks getting to know each other. I was really starting to notice feelings for Christopher and had to let him know I was heading to Dallas to spend a weekend with another guy. As I told him, I could see the wheels in his head start to turn. I was heading there to go to a Eagles v. Cowboys football game. (Christopher is from Philadelphia). “Courtney, I don’t want you to go. So there’s two options. I can either buy your plane ticket from you and we can plan a weekend here together, or I am going to Dallas with you, but I don’t want you going to see another dude.” Since I did want to visit Dallas (I’d never been before!) Christopher ended up booking a plane ticket on my flight. This was the weekend, that changed everything. Christopher had recently won a vacation through work and he used this on our trip to Dallas. He booked an incredible stay for us at the Omnia. We had the best steak I’ve ever eaten at an incredible steakhouse and we went to the Eagles v. Cowboys game. I still can’t believe he booked this trip. He recently told someone I was the girl version of him. I couldn’t agree more. We’re both spontaneous, would rather look at the positives, and love any sort of adventure! It was this trip, that I knew he was someone I wanted around every day. From this trip forward, we’ve spent every day together.

how they asked

Christopher and I have been dating for a year and eight months. We love adventures and on every one, we took together we’d look at each other and mention in a roundabout way that we wanted the adventure to continue for life. We talked about getting married very early on in our relationship because we both felt like we had found our person. In the last year, we’ve started joking more and more about getting married. Christopher tells me I need to work on my patience (in all areas of life) and it’s become a running joke for us that he’s waiting until 2041 to propose. I have no idea why we chose this year, but we talk about it all the time.

This year, on Father’s Day we made a six-hour road trip to my hometown to visit my parents and celebrate with my Papa, who Christopher has become really close with. The night before Father’s Day my dad had made reservations at his favorite restaurant and my family, Christopher and I headed out to grab a drink on the boardwalk. After a glass of rose, we went outside so that my dad could get a picture with me on the boardwalk for Father’s Day. Then my dad asked to get a picture of Christopher and I. As my dad, mom and good family friend George, started taking our pictures, my dad gave a countdown. He started counting from 10 which I thought was hilarious and almost didn’t notice when Christopher turned to me and started talking. ” Courtney, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to wait until 2041 to spend the rest of my life with you.” …..And then I’m pretty sure I blacked out.

I had no idea it was coming! My favorite part in the video is when I say “it’s not even 2041 yet!” in between the happiest tears I’ve ever had. I couldn’t imagine spending a day without Christopher and I’m so happy I don’t have to wait until 2041 to marry him and spend the rest of our lives adventuring.

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