Courtney and Chris's Baseball Proposal

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How We Met: Chris and I met when we were 11 years old. We played on a coed Fastball team in a small town near our hometown. The first time we really talked Chris asked me at one of our first practices if I would play catch with him to warm up. and we did. About 5 years later he finally asked me out and the rest is history.

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how they asked: Ever since I first saw him at that baseball diamond I knew it would be something special. We met and played together for 5 years before we started dating in grade 11 and played our last year on that team together as a couple. Fast forwarding to the day……. Our friends, Chris and I had made a plan to all get together for a summer weekend since we hadn’t seen each other very much since we were all busy trying to get our careers going and finishing school. So we planned to go to a small local camp site where we usually go to just go a relax and have a fun time.

We planned it for Aug 9, 10 , and 11 2013.Aug 9- We all arrived at the camp site and popped our tents and starting cooking on the fire and having some fun summer drinks. We played a few drinking game and then went to bed. Aug 10- Chris was gone out of our tent by 6 am the next morning he said he couldn’t sleep and got a fire started…. So I went back to bed since I had the weekend off. When everyone woke up we all made breakfast over the fire and on a grill and sat down and ate in the woods with the birds chirping and the sun shinning. The boys had the plan to go to a golf course close by and play a round off golf, while us girls were heading to Sauble beach for the day. The boys met us at the beach after their round of golf and soaked in the sun for about a hour all together.

Chris had invited my whole family, his whole family, friends we were camping with and friends from town to all meet at the Shallow Lake Baseball diamond that day at 4 pm. So we all left the beach and drove just up the road to the Baseball Diamond. Once everyone arrived we all spilt into 2 different teams since there was 17 of us there. We played about 5 innings until everyone was either sore, bored or hurt from the game (my father was the hurt one ). So once we all stopped playing everyone gathered around me a the back cage of the diamond. I had seen Chris walking over toward the dug out bench where he had placed his baseball bag, while I listened to everyone else was talking about the great catches and hits we all had during the game. While taking everything in and trying to be apart of a conversation I noticed Chris walking toward where we were all standing. I was talking to my mother when all of a sudden I hear .. HEY COURT CATCH!!!

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I had turned and Chris had tossed me a brand new baseball. I caught it thinking it was a new ball for me since he had lost my old one a few weeks before that. I looked down at the ball in my hands and had seen some writing on it that caught my eye since it usually didn’t have that much writing on it. So I turned the ball over and had seen the words.. WILL YOU MARRY ME?. I had turned back to look at Chris and he had a ring box in his hand. If you had known me I had been hinting A LOT to Chris that I wanted to marry him. Anyways at that point I was in shock once I saw the ring and had lost all felling in my legs and I collapsed to the dirt on the baseball diamond where we had met over 12 years ago.

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While I was already on the ground Chris continued to kneel on the ground in font of me and say the words I had been dreaming about for the past 6 years we were together… COURTNEY WILL YOU MARRY ME?…. I was so full of emotions I was laughing and crying cause I could not believe my eyes. I heard everyone around us gasping and freaking out cause they also could not believe what was going on. A few seconds later after he had said the words I got feeling back into my legs and crawled over to my man and giving him the biggest hug and kiss and told him YES!!! He put the most beautiful ring on my finger and my parents had brought 2 bottles of wine and champagne to celebrate this amazing day since that what we do around here. I have the most creative and amazing fiancé and can’t wait to marry him on Aug 9th, 1 day less than a year from the day he proposed.

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