Courtney and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I met a couple of times before we ever “clicked”, and if I do say so myself, it is a pretty cute story. (In a totally millineal, quirky way of course.)

Turns out the two of us have lived within three blocks of each other for nearly a decade, we are even in the same yearbook. Be it that Chase is two years my senior or I was a dorky introvert.. we never crossed paths.

Until –

It was my last night home for the holidays from Oregon and we were introduced at a local car meet known as Westside Wednesday. January 2nd, 2013. Quickly after meeting Chase I realized that everyone but me knows this guy. He had offered me some Fuku Burger fries which I kindly denied. I never thought I would see him again.

By the time we saw each other for a second time, I had moved back to Las Vegas. We found ourselves at a mutual friend’s house watching The Walking Dead, during which he interjected, “Is that a vampire!?” I obnoxiously called him out for not knowing the difference between Vampires and Zombies and was sure he thought I was nuts. We exchanged information anyways so…

A week or two later at the gym I saw him and tweeted something like, “I spy @chase”. We went back and forth on Twitter for a few minutes. Eventually enough time had passed that I figured he left, so I proceeded with my workout on the treadmill. Mid-way through sweating my butt off, Chase pops up on the machine next to me! (Every girls dream, right!?) We had talked for a while before I went home to my roommate, gushing about what happened.

Both of us went to Planet Fitness at the same time for the next few days, “casually” running into each other. March 3rd, 2013 marks our first date. The next few months were spent inseparable; riding Chase’s first Harley motorcycle, weekends on Fremont and going to rock shows. We eventually admitted to only sticking with our gym routine that week, and for so long – for the sake of each other. LOL. Who cares, I love telling people how I snagged my Fiance at the gym!Image 1 of Courtney and Chase

how they asked

Let me preface this with an apology for possibly going overboard here, but it’s my engagement story and Chase f’in nailed it!

This all began as a little Santa Barbara getaway to celebrate our three year anniversary. Our first day consisted of something out of National Lampoon’s Vacation; arriving to no coasters rolling at Six Flags. We kept on, travelled forty-five minutes out of our way, before catching the sunset at Venice Beach. Our night drive up PCH to Ventura was a thrill enough. Something about being that close to the vast Pacific Ocean after driving all day, and now by moonlight… scary to me.

March 9th, 2016 began slowly and of course with a “I’m on vacation Venti Starbucks.” During our drive up to Santa Barbara we narrowed down the day’s plan and Chase insisted we have dinner by sunset on the pier. This was a bit unusual of him. We continued into downtown, explored the beach and zoo. Stearns’s Wharf pier aquarium made my afternoon with their entire second floor dedicated jellyfish.

Later we made our dinner reservations at Moby Dick’s Restaurant just in time to watch the sun descend over sail boats, kayak groups, and the Channel Islands. We shared the yummiest seafood, now looking back I understand why Chase only half ate his dish.

The sunset began as we walked out onto the pier from dinner, timing truly could not have been more perfect for Chase. It was a quiet Wednesday evening; a mother and daughter taking photos of each other, foreign students videoing their experience, a writer on his iPhone – and Chase and I sitting on a bench directly facing out to the Channel Islands and ocean. I remember everything in those minutes around his proposal being so calm. I was taking photos of the scenery and us, clueless as to what was about to happen. We sat in silence for some time observing, then he commented throughout conversation he was cold (to mask the nervous shaking) and I began to get a feeling…

It had been ten minutes or so since the sun officially set. The bay had this orangey tone and crisp night breeze. Chase kept looking down in front of me, intently staring at the wooden floor for periods of time. I was looking at him confused and before I knew it, WHEW he was in one motion right there in front of me.. on one knee, holding a little white box with the most beautiful sparkler. I said, “Oh, boy” instinctively surprised. The whole ocean was waving behind him, sweet words & yes YES Y E S !

We asked someone nearby for a photo and continued back to the car where Chase showed me the wedding band to match and explained his actions leading up to this moment. My man chose our ring all on his own at a trusted family jeweler. He even went far as carrying it with him until the trip, so that I wouldn’t find the ring. If you know me, you know that was a necessary step. To add, he had kept looking at the pier’s ground to make sure there wasn’t anything to hurt his knee while proposing… aw.

The entire drive back to Ventura was a love daze. I could not have asked for a more sincere, intimate proposal. Planning our wedding has been an adventure! Can’t wait to share it with you.Image 2 of Courtney and Chase Image 3 of Courtney and Chase Image 4 of Courtney and Chase Image 5 of Courtney and Chase Image 6 of Courtney and Chase Image 7 of Courtney and Chase Image 8 of Courtney and Chase Image 9 of Courtney and Chase

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