Chance and Courtney's Proposal at Her Best Friend's Wedding


How we met

Chance and I knew each other in high school. Pretty typical, although we only exchanged a couple sentences our freshman and sophomore years. I definitely noticed him and thought he was adorable but of course never had the courage to let him know. So I settled with a casual crush and snuck glances at him every now and then. He moved away and changed schools after our second year and he didn’t cross my mind much after that. Until much later that is… (roughly 5 years) I got a random private message on Facebook from a Chance Peirce, that said something along the lines of “hey, remember me?” I thought to myself a minute, checked out his profile picture, and messaged him back that I did indeed remember him. It spiraled downhill from there! We have talked every single day since that day.

The first time we actually saw each other was with another friend of mine. It was very casual. More so just friends all hanging out together. But after seeing him once i knew i wanted to see him again. He quickly occupied my time and thoughts, and I’ll never forget our first kiss. We went swimming in the mountains and it started to storm hard so we ran to my car for shelter. We sat and talked and laughed and the tension was thick until he asked if he could kiss me. To which I replied with only a nod. But it was perfect. And here we are now.


how they asked

Tessika, being engaged herself, always gave me a hard time about when I was going to propose to her best friend. Courtney and I have long been ready to take that step, I just couldn’t think of an exciting way to ask. Last winter, Tessika sent me a message on Facebook including a video of a similar proposal happening during a bouquet toss. I thought it was a great opportunity, and I knew she would be thrilled to be around all her friends for that moment.

At first I thanked Tessika but declined, because I did not feel prepared to make that investment at the time. I did not forget the idea, though. It was about one week before Tessika’s wedding that I remembered the opportunity approaching, and I felt I could make it happen..

I talked to my parents about it and they were very excited for us. So two days before the wedding my sister, Ciara and I went to find the perfect ring. With that in hand, the day before the wedding, I managed to meet with both of Courtney’s parents to properly ask for her hand. A unanimous yes and visible excitement relieved any nerves I had. I did not tell Tessika I was going through with it until the morning of her wedding. Katrina was there at the time, and I could sense everyone’s excitement. I showed them all the ring, they approved and we discussed the gameplan.



We did well to surprise her, and her reaction was priceless. Tessika started to do the bouquet toss at the reception, but before she threw it, she stopped and handed it to Courtney. She told Tessika “this isn’t how you’re supposed to do it,” but when she turned around and saw me, she knew. I’m glad the moment was captured.








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