Courtney and Carson

how we met

We met on Tinder, thank you modern technology! Both of us were there to “play the field” and never expected to meet anyone to settle down with.

how they asked

Carson proposed on October 26th, 3 days before our 2 year anniversary. Halloween is our favorite holiday, so for 9 months, he planned a Halloween party to be hosted at our close friend’s home. The month leading up to it, I was under the impression I was just going to a Halloween party with friends and for the entire month Carson would not stop saying how upset he was because he couldn’t go due to his work schedule. He left for work that day like any other day, but he had actually taken the day off, and went straight to our friends house.My friends and I all got dressed up for this Halloween party, and I was dressed up as Chief Hopper from Stranger Things season 3, so I had fake blood all over my forehead.We got to our friends house and I was lead downstairs and the basement was filled with all of our close friends, all in costume. No one said a single word and every one was pointing at a controller laying on their coffee table that had a note that said “play me.” Super Mario Bros. 3 was queued up, my favorite game. I played through the first level and instead of the normal cue, it went to a different screen where Mario saves Peach, and the prompt came up “Courtney will you marry me” and Carson came out from a closet and got down on one knee. (We have a video of this!)I was surprised. I had a feeling something was going on because a lot of my friends from out of town came down that weekend so I knew something was up but I just didn’t know what.Carson planned the entire thing for 9 months. His biggest stressor was the weather because he had initially planned to host the entire thing outside, but of course, the day of it was cold and rainy. But it all worked out and he was glad it all worked out the way it did!

Special Thanks

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