Courtney and Cameron

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How We Met

We first met over the phone in 2012. Cameron’s company booked VIP services through vendors and my company planned bachelorette parties. We’d speak on the phone a couple times a month but never met in person. About a year later, Cameron requested to be my friend on Facebook. Occasionally we’d leave comments on each other’s posts, especially when Cameron would post a cat meme or a funny video. In March of 2014, I commented on a witty post from Cameron and that sparked an offline conversation. Cameron asked me out for drinks but didn’t set a date. The next day we texted all day, Cameron sending funny cat memes and making jokes. I received 2 tickets for the upcoming Nascar race and asked Cameron if he wanted to go.

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He said sure and we made a plan for that Sunday. Then I thought that it might be an awfully long day at the racetrack for a 1st date and perhaps we should meet for drinks before committing to a full day together. Cameron agreed and we went to Yardhouse on Saturday night for a couple drinks. We laughed and talked and decided that we could definitely handle spending the whole day together the next day at the race. We ventured out to the speedway on Sunday, tailgated and watched an uneventful race. I suggested we get foot massages on the way home and with that, Cameron knew he had found “the one”. We’ve been together ever since!

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how they asked

Cameron surprised me (which is very hard to do, by the way) with a private gondola ride at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. He selected the perfect song for the gondolier to sing, we kissed under each bridge for good luck and just as we approached the center square on the canal, he got down on bended knee to propose.

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The gathering crowd saw him pull out the ring and they were cheering and clapping. I was so excited when I realized what was happening and I burst into tears of joy.

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The gondolier exclaimed “She said YES!” as Cameron put the engagement ring on my finger. When Cameron sat back down, I realized that I hadn’t actually heard his proposal and that I hadn’t yet said yes! He had to repeat it so that I could hear what he said and then, of course, I accepted.

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We celebrated our engagement at the Mario Batali restaurant, Carnevino, overlooking the Las Vegas Strip. Because I didn’t hear him the first time, he now asks me every night before we go to sleep and puts the ring back on my finger. I accept every time!

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Special Thanks

Lauren Urbiztondo
 | Photographer