Courtney and Broderick

How We Met

We met our freshman year of college at UCF. We met through a campus ministry and began hanging out with a few of our now closest friends all the time. When we first met, I wasn’t that fond of Brodie though. He would always tease me and I didn’t want to be around him because of his constant jokes. So when my best friend came to visit for a weekend, I told her about him and how he may not seem very nice. Of course, Brodie decides that he wants to be the nicest person I’ve ever met and my best friend is confused by this. Since that day he was so nice and we became great friends. So fast forward 2 years, we are close friends and I start to have feelings for him. After some, not so subtle hints, we started dating.

Proposal Ideas Ormond Beach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Ormond Beach

How They Asked

There we were 3 years later, at a family friends beach house. Brodie decided we should get up to watch the sunrise with my parents. It was a beautiful morning so we were taking a lot of pictures. Brodie thought it would be funny to take a “fake” proposal picture to send to his mom, who has been anxiously waiting for us to get married. I didn’t think this was a good idea to do so I didn’t play along during the first attempt. After some convincing, we went to stage another one, but this time he actually had a ring. It was perfect. Nobody but my parents and us on the beach.