Courtney and Brett

How We Met

You can find anything on the internet…including your soulmate! Brett and Courtney met on Tinder in April 2016.

how they asked

Earlier this year in June, Brett met my parents for lunch and asked for my hand in marriage. Brett tried his hardest to keep the secret but I had my suspicions and my brother later confirmed it by accidentally sending me a screenshot of a conversation between him and my Mom- talking about the lunch!

About a month and half after the ‘secret’ lunch, my parents took their annual trip to Hawaii. Before they were supposed to come home, my dad suffered an aneurysm and passed away in Hawaii. This is the single most devastating thing that’s ever happened to my family. We are in some ways still in shock.

Fast forward to Friday, October 20th. My brother and sister were home for their fall school breaks. Brett and I planned a much needed Friday date night. He picked me up from work and said we had reservations at a place right next door to one of our favorite restaurants and suggested we get a drink to kill time. As I was finishing my glass of wine, he asked if I wanted to check out a room next to the bar & I answered, “Not really, I kind of want to just go to our reservation.” When my tummy is grumbling, I have a one track mind!

He insisted we check it out and I walked into a beautiful dimly lit room and saw my sister! She cued up a video she made of my family reading a prayer that has recently become important to me. The prayer is entitled, “Falling in Love” and it reminds us to keep falling in love with the people and things we hold close to us. This is the same prayer we used for my Dad’s prayer card for his service. My sister even added a clip of a voicemail Dad left her saying, “K love bye!” how my family and I end most calls.

I never thought I’d be thinking about venues alongside with how to honor my dad throughout our wedding. Amidst my sorrow, I see a rainbow starting to form in the shape of a beautiful marriage and life with Brett.

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