Courtney and Brendan

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Place: Mt Rainier National Park, Washington They had 3 miles left in the 30mile hike, came upon this incredible clearing. The scene was perfect; cascades of waterfalls, still frozen snowfields, vibrant wildflowers in bloom and valleys of green. She wanted to take a picture, he wanted a “granola bar”. After taking the picture, she turned around to show him. Comes to find him down on his knee with a white box in his hand. In his proposal, he spoke about how this hike showed if we can do this together we can do anything and asked “will you marry me?” In hysterics as a “YES!” was said. Tears and laughter bring attention to a pair of hikers coming from the same trail, curious on what the commotion was about and asked if everything was alright (they saw her crying and became even more concerned). He mentioned to the hikers they where freshly engaged and they are the first see the aftermath. Overjoyed to hear the great news, the hikers high fived and congratulated him. As that was happening, still in shock, she feels her nose running. Not having a tissue available, she instinctively wipes away with her left hand. The hikers instantly turned to say congrats to her and ask to see the ring. As she raises her hand up to show them, she panics. “”%*$!, my nose is bleeding, I’m bleeding on my ring!” Thankfully, one of the hikers had tissues with them and helped avert a minor crisis. Once that was taken care of, everyone went their separate ways. After that incredible moment, walking those final 3 miles back felt like floating on air. :)

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