Courtney and Bradley

How We Met

I met Brad through mutual friends. We instantly hit it off and spent every moment we could together. 5 months after we started dating we decided that we wanted to move in together and bought a house another 5 months later. It was so natural and I couldn’t imagine living with anyone else or living without him. When we decided to move in, we talked about marriage because we already knew that were were each others person and that we didn’t want anyone else. We also have a cute mini golden doodle puppy who we adore so much, and makes us feel like a little family.

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We enjoy exploring different restaurants, bars, and activities together. However, I think our favorite place to be is chilling on the couch together. Honestly, everything since I met Brad has felt like this is the way it should be, and makes me look at life in such a more meaningful way. He is my best friend and my person.

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How They Asked

We live in Ohio and were so excited to take a trip to my hometown in SC. The weather looked warm and beautiful, which is the opposite of what Ohio is at this time of the year. My boyfriend and I were accompanied by his long-time friends who have also become some of my favorite friends, so I was excited! I was suspicious of a proposal because he wanted to plan different things for our trip, and he isn’t the type of person to plan anything. We got down to SC on Saturday morning and spent the day at the pool and the night in Savannah, GA. When we were in Savannah, we were on a rooftop overlooking the river, it was just Brad and I. He started to get emotional as he said that he didn’t have time to talk to my dad (he was leaving the next day to go on a business trip). I told him that it was okay, and asked why do you need to talk to him? He said that he just wants to marry me and he needs to talk with my dad first. I was kind of bummed because I thought that maybe my dad leaving ruined his plans for a proposal.

The next day, we hung out in the sun again and were going to go to my favorite seafood place to eat. However, before dinner, Brad and his friends said that we should go to a bar in Palmetto Bluff to get some wine before dinner. We ended up ordering a bottle of wine, which I thought was excessive for 5:00pm, but I went with it. Then as we were finishing the wine, Brad suggested that we take a walk down towards the May River. As we walked, we saw a photographer that was taking pictures of the water and the sunset. We walked over to her and asked her to take a picture of all of us, and as she did, our friends moved away and Brad got down on one knee.

He said “I am not joking, will you marry me?” I was so shocked and could barely say yes, but I managed to get the words out. As he was putting the ring on my finger, he told me that there was one more surprise and pointed across the water to a pool area, where his whole family, my whole family, and my friends were cheering. As they walked over towards us I realized that my dad was there, he had put off his business trip to make this happen. I was so happy and surprised that his family drove from Ohio to be there with us, and even more surprised that I had no idea.

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We spent the rest of the night celebrating and having dinner with our new families. It was the best day of my life.

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