Courtney and Brad

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cup and saucer hiking trail on Manitoulin Island

How We Met

Brad and I met by complete fluke. We both attended a friends get together solely because each of our best friends had asked us to go! As the night picked up Brad and I both happened to take a moment away from the crowd to get some air. We ended up sitting at the kitchen table for the rest of the night getting to know each other. Not long after Brad asked me on a hike in our home town! That’s when we realized we were a great match.

how they asked

December 10th 2017 was an average Sunday! Brad, myself and our dog Dolly always use Sunday as a fun-day! We most often go on a hike or an adventure in the bush so I didn’t expect a thing. This hike however was much different than usual. The day started off very gloomy, we weren’t sure we would even make it to the trail with the amount of snow we had gotten. When we arrived the trail was completely covered in snow and the best was yet to be discovered. This trail was perfect for adventurers we had to climb up ladders and pull ourselves up ropes just to reach the top! When we finally got to the lookout I was blown away. The sun had come out and the view was breath taking. What I didn’t see was Brad setting the timer on our digital camera and sneaking up behind me. It was when I heard him start speaking to me, using my full name that I turned around! He told me he wanted to spend his life with me and that he hoped these adventures could continue for our lives together. I stood there shocked for a few minutes, broke down in tears and of course SAID YES ?? I couldnt ask for a more perfect day!

Proposal Ideas Cup and saucer hiking trail on Manitoulin Island