Courtney and Blair

How We Met

Blair and I met 9 years ago in high school. I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We were inseparable almost immediately. Of course we were young, so when we went to two different colleges we were on and off for a span of 5 years.We got back together after graduating college and knew we never wanted to be apart again!!

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how they asked

It was Blair’s birthday and he told me his mom won a carriage ride through a popular neighborhood with beautiful Chistmas lights. He wanted to know if I wanted to do it before we went to dinner with his whole family for his annual birthday dinner. Of course, I was all for it! I am a teacher and it was an extremely busy day at school so I was rushing from school to my house to get ready for the night. He picked me up and we went. The first 20 mins of the ride was normal and looking at all of the beautiful lights. Then I noticed the tree. And of course the sign. We pulled up to the tree and sign and got out. He got down on one knee and proposed. It was truly magical.

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Special Thanks

Heather Buckley
 | photographer