Courtney and Andy

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How We Met

Andy and I met in Newport, RI in November of 2013. I was in my senior year of nursing school at Salve Regina University. Andy had recently moved to back to RI after having lived in Maine following his graduation from Salve Regina in 2010. It was another typical Friday night in Newport. My girlfriends and I were all going out downtown celebrating the end of another school week. We went to one of our favorite spots downtown, Speakeasy Bar and Grill. While we were there dancing Andy came over to me and we started chatting and dancing. My friends decided to leave to One Pelham East, another bar right next door. Andy ended up coming with us and we had such a fun night dancing. After a great night, Andy did not ask for my number. I remember being so disappointed that I had met this nice guy and now I probably wouldn’t talk to him again.

A few weeks went by and one night in December I was again out with my friends when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, it was Andy! He had happened to be at the same bar as I was again. I told him how upset I was that he didn’t ask for my number the first time we met. He said he had too nervous (LOL) but that night he finally asked for my number and we began talking more and more. We went on a few dates in Newport and eventually began dating in January 2014. We have so many amazing memories of our time spent in Newport, it will always be a special place for us to return to.

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how they asked

Because Newport, RI is such a special place for us, Andy and I try to go back and visit any chance we can. We had been talking about doing a trip to Newport in July this summer. Because of our busy schedules there ended up being only one weekend in July that we could go. As luck would have it, that was the weekend of the Newport Folk Festival and everywhere to stay was already sold out. Since we had been planning on going away that weekend we figured we would still take a trip somewhere. We ended up deciding to visit Stowe, VT. Neither of us had ever been to Stowe and we thought it would be fun to do something a little different than our usual beach trips. We both love craft beer breweries and Stowe has quite a few, so it was the perfect place to take a visit to.

We got up early Saturday morning to leave for VT. We wanted to go to the Alchemist Brewery and we knew we had to get there early if we wanted to get some of their famous Heady Topper beer. Initially we had planned to take a gondola ride to the top of Stowe Mountain when we first arrived. However, by the time we got to Stowe it was later than we had expected and I told Andy lets skip the gondola ride so we can make it to the Alchemist Brewery on time. Little did I know I was throwing a loop hole into Andy’s plans because he had initially planned to propose on the top of the mountain.

We still had some time before the brewery opened so we decided to stop at the Von Trapp Family Lodge.

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We like the Von Trapp beer and we had read there was a little cafe there that we wanted to try. When we arrived we ordered some breakfast and went outside to find a table. There were several picnic tables below the outdoor deck that overlooked a beautiful background of fields and mountains. I suggested we go down to the picnic tables. I said to Andy that the view was so beautiful that we had to take a picture. Andy agreed but he said lets have someone take it for us. There was no one else down at the picnic tables so I said no, lets just take it ourselves. Andy insisted that someone take the picture for us so despite my telling him no don’t bug anyone he went up and asked a lady on the deck to come down and take the picture.

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She was so sweet and agreed right away. She took a couple of pictures and then handed my phone back to me. All of the sudden Andy said to her “wait can you take one more?” I was thinking to myself, since when is he so interested in pictures?! She gave him a confused look but agreed to take another photo. As she was taking the picture Andy turned to me and got down on one knee.

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The lady taking the picture and I both said Oh my God! at the same time! Andy said “I love you very much and I enjoy all of the time that we spend together.

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Meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. You make me a better person and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” I said “Of course!!!” It was the perfect proposal with the most beautiful background.

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The nice workers at the Trapp Family Lodge brought us out a 6-pack of their beer to celebrate because they did not have any champagne, but beer is more our style anyways!

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We sat and enjoyed a beautiful breakfast together before heading out to celebrate the rest of our weekend!

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