Courtney and Andrew

How We Met

As cliche and unromantic as it sounds, Andrew and i met through an online dating site. We spent hours on the phone chatting trying to get to know each other. At first we weren’t very fond of one another but we decided to meet as friends and see where it goes. The next day he wanted to pick me up and take me to lunch, i agreed. My mother and i thought it would be funny to play a prank on Andrew and pretend my mom was me since we are practically twins! When he rang the door bell, my mom answered and said “I’m ready when you are!” He looked so confused and started laughing. He said “Alright, Lets Go!” I was so relieved he had a wonderful sense of humor so i walked up to him and introduced myself.

We had a wonderful first date (6/29/14) and we talked about everything under the sky! What really intrigued him was the fact I had so many things on my bucket list! I told him that i always wanted to go to reunion tower and take photos of the Dallas skyline. He took me home and ask to see me again, of course i agreed!

7/3/14. Andrew picked me up for our second date and was not spilling the beans on where he was taking me! He told me to close my eyes and that the location was super secret! The car stopped at this secret location and he began to tell me he wanted to help cross things off my bucket list. It was the sweetest and the most caring thing i have ever experienced. I opened up my eyes to the reunion tower in the distance. It was undeniable that i fell for him on our second date at Reunion Tower. We ended the night with fireworks and watched the air show! I felt like the luckiest girl in the world that day!

Image 1 of Courtney and Andrew

how they asked

3/5/2016. Reunion tower is a very special place for Andrew and I. This is the place where our love blossomed into more than friends, and has the most amazing view of Downtown Dallas! Our proposal story isn’t fancy or off the top, its full of meaning and is my favorite love story of all time.

We spent the whole day shopping and spending time together. Andrew made it clear we had to be somewhere at 5pm and we couldn’t be late! As soon as we got into the car, he told me to close my eyes and not to peek. We got to the destination and i opened up my eyes to the sight of the reunion tower. We entered the building, purchased our tickets and took the elevator up. As soon as we got to top the place was crowded and loud. We went outside to enjoy the view and talk about our first memories we made up here. It was so peaceful and relaxing i felt as if we were the only ones outside. Andrew whispered to me that he needed to ask me something. My heart was pounding out of my chest as soon as he dropped to one knee! He asked me to marry him and i said yes! People were clapping and congratulating us! It was the greatest moment of my life and we couldn’t wait to tell our families! Our families met for the first time that day and when we told them everyone couldn’t be happier!

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