Courtney and Andrew

Image 10 of Courtney and Andrew

How We Met

If we’re starting from the very beginning, the first picture of Andrew and I is from USD’s freshman orientation circa 2010. Unknowingly, we were sitting next to each other and this awkward photo is proof.

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However, it only took a few weeks into the school year for us to actually meet. A girl on my floor asked me if I wanted to go to mass with her. I’d never been to amass before but agreed to give it a try. We headed to our dorm’s common area for what we thought was the mass but instead found a small group of first-year students being led by our Resident Minister. We were encouraged to stay and found such a sense of community with the group that we ended up returning every Wednesday after that. That’s where I met Andrew along with some of our closest friends from college.

But don’t let the picture fool you. We both can agree that it wasn’t love at first sight. We hit it off as close friends, but it was strictly platonic and nothing more. Andrew and I spent our years in college as part of a close group of friends who spent our time enjoying late-night burrito runs, dressing up for fraternity and sorority events, and hopping around parties at the beach.

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It wasn’t until our senior year that things started to change. All of a sudden, we realized that maybe we were meant to be more than just friends. The road to figuring that out was a little bumpy after being just friends for so long, but after a night at the Beachcomber, Andrew asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is history!

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How They Asked

Ever since moving here for college, San Diego has always been home for the two of us. This year, we decided to make it permanent by buying our first home. After closing on the home of our dreams, I told Andrew that I wanted to take a few photos in front of our house as new homeowners. He suggested that one of his co-workers, who also does photography on the side, might be willing to take them for us. Little did I know, the two of them had a plan to capture the perfect proposal.

Image 4 of Courtney and Andrew

After taking photos all around the house, Andrew’s co-worker, Michael, suggested we grab a few more shots out front. Andrew thought it’d be a fun idea to take a jumping picture. I willingly obliged and got a solid half-inch of air… Michael suggested we try one more time, but this time when I jumped up, Andrew jumped down onto one knee! Cue the tears!

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Over a decade since we first met, we can’t wait to get married next year back at USD, where it all began.

Special Thanks

Michael Casatico
 | Photographer