Courtney and Alex

Image 1 of Courtney and Alex

How We Met

It all started with a high five. Courtney was playing volleyball on the college campus sand volleyball court with her friend. Her friend hit it farther than she could get to and it rolled off. When she was going to retrieve it she saw a really cute guy long boarding by and stuck her hand out and said, “High Five!” The guy slapped her hand and she went back to playing volleyball.

Alex was running late to class so he grabbed his longboard to get there faster. On his way, he spotted the most beautiful girl picking up a run-away volleyball. As he was riding by, the girl reached out and gave him a high five. While rushing to class, the only thing that was in his mind was that he had to see her again.

A week later, he saw her again with the same friend. She was talking to some people while her friend went to go grab his longboard. Alex, saw her again and approached the group of people talking and he attempted to join the conversation since he was mutual friends with the third party. Shortly after Alex joined the conversation, Courtney’s friend came back and the conversation ended. Courtney went off long boarding with her friend, while Alex went off to his next class.

It wasn’t until a week later that Courtney stopped Alex in the school’s coffee shop to ask him a question. The two got to talking, sharing their interest for long boarding.

Over the next few weeks Alex would go find Courtney in the coffee shop doing homework, eating lunch, or just hanging out. He would sit down and join her and the two would start sharing stories about their past adventures.

Come to find out, the two of them had a lot in common… And the rest of their story is still being written!

how they asked

Early Saturday morning he picked me up to go surfing at sunrise. We loaded the car up and headed out to Cocoa Beach. By the time we got there I was starving, so instead of grabbing our boards we decided to watch the sunrise and then go grab breakfast. When we got out to the beach he had breakfast set up picnic style with a blanket, lanterns, and flowers. We sat down and when he opened the picnic basket he had pictures of us. He reminded me of all these amazing moments we shared while we were getting to know each other, began to date, and when we were really seriously dating. He then pulled out a message in a bottle and asked me to read it. The message was in Arabic and when I turned around to ask what it meant, he was on one knee asking me “Will you marry me?”

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