Courtney and AJ

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How We Met

AJ and I met when we were both interning in the suburbs of Philadelphia the summer before our senior years of college! We were placed into the same intern housing. One afternoon, I was in my room hanging out in my pajamas snacking on some Cheetos when I heard a knock on my door. It was two guys that said they lived on my floor and were actually looking for another guy they had met. Turns out, one of those guys was my future husband! We hit it off right away and were inseperable the entire summer. We haven’t been apart ever since, and now we’re getting married!

how they asked

While on vacation with my family in the Florida Keys, AJ asked me if I wanted to go out to the marina to watch the sunset and have a drink before NYE dinner. When we got there, AJ started saying the sweetest things.

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All of a sudden, he pulled out a ring box and got down on one knee! We walked back up away from the water to the clubhouse to find my family there all ready with champagne for a toast! We spent the night celebrating not only spending the new year together, but every year after that!

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