Courtney and Adam


How We Met

We both swiped right! Yeah, that’s right we met on Tinder! Both being very hesitant of this ‘hook up dating app’ that all of our friends were on we both decided to give it a whirl. Luckily we were each others first couple of dates. After texting for about 2 weeks Adam finally asked me on a date…a hiking date. We live in LA so it wasn’t totally out of the ordinary, but I remember telling my close girlfriends that I was going on a hike with a guy I met off Tinder. My friends thought I was absolutely INSANE and thought I would surely be murdered. I vividly remember my friend and roommate at the time saying ‘Your going to be the next Natalie Holloway and I am going to have to do an interview with Nancy Grace! Telling her how you were one of those girls!’ I wasn’t phased by this at all and was more impressed that he asked me on a more unique first date than meeting up for drinks. I did however send my friends his picture and phone number and pin-dropped my location on the hike…just to play it safe ;)

When I asked Adam if it was a tough hike or more of a ‘scenic’ hike that was more appropriate for instagram photos he said ‘oh its a super easy hike.’ Although I am very active I was very relieved as any girl would be I was worried about sweating on the date. I am a big sweater, I’m talking I sweat just thinking about sweating.

Fast forward I meet Adam and thankfully he looks exactly like his tinder profile. Phew! Then we get going on our hike…or should I say trail of tears. Easy hike? Yeah, sure if you think 3 miles almost straight up a mountain is easy on a hot day! I was dying, Adam was trying to carry on a conversation meanwhile I could hardly catch my breath and I am sweating what feels like my entire body weight off. What is it about trying not to sweat that makes you sweat even more!? Thankfully we made it to the top and back down was all down hill. I may or may not have been running just so I could get back to my car and blast the AC! Afterwards Adam took me to his favorite lunch spot, Mendocino Farms. The curried couscous alone made me fall for him.

how they asked

My sister and her family live in Hong Kong and Adams brother and wife recently moved from LA to Thailand so naturally we had to plan a visit to see both sides of the family. We planned a three week vacation between Hong Kong and Thailand over Thanksgiving. I had assumed Adam may ask on this trip, but for some reason or another I still couldn’t convince myself that THIS was THE trip.

Adam has never been a guy to do anything on a small scale and somehow always surprises me, we are talking about a guy who makes multiple reservations at different restaurants and different times for Valentines day just to give me choices to make sure I am not too rushed to get ready! Every girls dream and every restaurants NIGHTMARE!

Adam and I both love the beach. We live at the beach. So I knew whenever it was going to happen it would be on a beach in the perfect setting.


Part of our trip in Thailand was island hoping with Adams brother and his wife. Our first stop was Railay Bay a small island with a just a few resorts off of Krabi island. The views alone were breathtaking as we were surrounded by these insane rock formations in between a jungle. Our first day there Adam’s brother and wife planned a snorkeling trip that went past sunset. We decided to hang back as neither one of us is very good at snorkeling. I always end up swallowing water, goggles fogging up because I didn’t wipe my spit all over the goggles enough. Yeah, not a pretty picture. It was great through we had a nice day date of lounging and drinking cheap Thai beers on the beach. We decided to grab a quick happy hour bite at one of the beach bars down from our resort. As we were wrapping up Adam said he wanted to run back to the room to shower and catch the sunset, but we needed to hurry since the sun would be setting soon.

We quickly showered and were getting dressed to run back out to the beach to catch the sunset. I knew we would probably not be coming back to the room before dinner so I wanted to throw on somewhat decent clothes. Adam kept rushing me so I just totally forgoed putting on one once of make-up. I had west hair, no bra, and zero make-up but figured who cares its island life and its not like i’ll run into anyone I know or this evening would be documented…


As we were making our way out to the beach Adam suggested we go to the other side of the island and watch the sunset from a small little cove where nobody else was. We grabbed some Thai beers laid out our beach blanket and watched the sun go down. As it was going down Adam suggested we take some pictures…selfies to be exact…with our selfie stick. Adam started to bring up a conversation we had months ago about the future and I kept thinking ‘why is he bringing this up right now??’ Next thing I know he is down on one knee asking me to marrying him. All I can remember saying is ‘oh my god, oh my god! Are you doing this right now?! Are you sure!?’ Obviously I said yes! It was perfect. It was intimate, private and very much us. As soon as his brother and wife got back from their snorkeling trip we shared the news with them and it was Thai beers all around! :)



Special Thanks

Peter Young