Couple's Future Kid Helps with the Sweetest Proposal Video

cute couple engagedHow We Met: Blake and I met 38 months ago, when we moved into the same apartment complex just near Brigham Young University. He attended a Cinco de Mayo party my roommates and I threw and left with the piñata.

Not long after, I saw him playing the guitar in a friend’s apartment and thought to myself about how much I would like to end up with someone like Blake. We talked a few times and then I left for a study abroad trip to Europe and later to South America to serve as a missionary.

We both dated around and got to know other people, but nothing ever felt right. Now we understand why.

Soon after I got home, Blake and I had a class together. We saw each other across the classroom and after the hour we both adjusted our paces so we could coincidentally bump into each other. We did, and he walked me home, catching up on what we had been up to. He told me he was parked near my place, but later admitted that he was actually parked in the exact opposite direction.

We went out not long after and realized we didn’t want to see anyone else again. There were things we had learned between 2011 and now.

Just like they say, it all makes sense in the end.

how they asked: Blake and I had set a date, bought a ring, and talked to the parents by June 11 and I was starting to get anxious. There were things that needed to get taken care of and I wanted the engagement to be official. He told me that he and I were going up to his cabin for me to get to know his parents more, but the truth was that he had bigger plans. He had my best friends in on it and everyone was dropping hints about the weekend, but that night, as we pulled up to his cabin, I clued in.

Blake led me from the car to a couple blankets surrounded by candles on tree stumps, a couple bottles of Coke, and a bouquet of my favorite flowers. There was also a TV set up and we sat down and he pressed play on a video that he had been putting together every night after we hung out for the previous three weeks.

little boy helps dad make proposal video

After the video, he knelt down and asked the question. I don’t know if my answer was audible, but the giant smile gave it all away. And with strategically placed video cameras, Blake had recorded the whole proposal.

From Blake: For background on the video, it is supposed to be taking place during 2024, narrated by one of our future children….