Cosette and Chris

Image 1 of Cosette and ChrisHow We Met: We met in high school, but were by no means high school sweethearts. We hung out in the same group of friends but were dating other people at the time, we actually didn’t really get along at all! We’re even in each others senior prom photos, just with different people! We didn’t talk all through college and then a random “happy birthday” on Facebook turned into us talking and we moved in together just a few months later!

how they asked: We were planning a trip to the East Coast since Christmas to visit family and friends and go to a concert in Washington, DC. I grew up in New York in a little town out in the middle of nowhere in a house my dad built himself, we call it The Country House. The Country House is famous in our family and overtime we hang out with them, we talk about it and tell stories that happened there. Chris insisted that since we were only going to be a few hours from it while on the East Coast, that we rent a car and go see it so he would finally know what my family was always talking about.

The town is a mountain town, very isolated with very few people and The Country House hasn’t been lived in for years so when we got there, we were the only ones up that road. It had stormed the night before so the forest surrounding the house was as beautiful as it could be and it was still misty out. We treked around the property and I pointed out where all the stories Chris had heard had taken place. I then wanted to show him the pond my siblings and I always played at so we walked up the dirt road to the little clearing in the woods with the pond. There were lily pads covering it and misty above the water.

Chris later told me that when we saw it, he knew this was the spot. We were looking out across the pond when he turned me around and said “One of the reasons I wanted to come out here is because you have so many memories here and I wanted us to have one of our own together.” He got down on one knee pulled out the most incredible ring I had ever seen and asked “Cosette, will you marry me?”

Image 2 of Cosette and Chris

I couldn’t even speak I was so surprised and I just started to cry and hugged him. He asked again since I technically hadn’t said yes and I nodded and said yes through my crying and then exclaimed “It’s so sparkly!” through my sobs of joy as he placed the ring on my finger. Once I got over the initial we walked back down the dirt road and I danced around him the whole time. I always knew I would marry him but it was a complete surprise when he proposed and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect or romantic proposal.

Image 3 of Cosette and Chris