Cortni and Adam

How We Met: We discovered a few years ago that my fiance and I met when we were wee little tots. I wasn’t aware that the first time I laid eyes on him was when I was just two years old and he was on the same tee-ball team as my brother. Fast forward just a few years…the first time I remember truly meeting him was as my best friend’s older brother. And I thought he was such a jerk because he and his annoying friends ate all of our fresh-from-the-oven mozzarella sticks! You see, Mr. Stingray’s sister and I are best friends, and we have been ever since we were on the same competitive gymnastics team when we were eight years old. And now my best friend is going to be my sister! How lucky is that!? Luckily, he (slightly) matured; we didn’t see each other for a few years while we both went away for college, and when we met back up again…well, let’s just say I didn’t think he was annoying anymore.

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how they asked: I had just finished a 2 month scuba divemaster certification in Costa Rica when my sister, best-friend, and boyfriend came to visit me. We had all been sharing amazing adventures zip-lining, exploring the beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes, but near the end of our stay was a day that will forever be one of the best days of my entire life. It began with me teaching my sister and best friend their first scuba diving lesson. I took them in the ocean for their first experience breathing underwater, it was so awesome!

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After some nachos and Tica Lindas (the most delicious frozen drink) we met up with the boys after their deep sea fishing trip. That evening we all decided to get dressed up and head to a nice restaurant on one of the northern beaches that I had visited on one of my first nights in Costa Rica. I thought I was the one that was planning our night out, but I didn’t realize there was something Mr. Stingray had been planning the whole trip. He was incessant that we make it to the beach by sunset. I can now see how nervous he was, I thought he was sick and kept asking if he was feeling ok. Clearly, clueless.

We made it to the beach and the two of us were walking along looking out at the beautiful ocean and sky as the sun started to set. He pulled out a tiny folded piece of paper and started reading me a little poem he had written. He ended by saying, I love you more than all of the stars in the sky and the starfish in the sea, my heart is forever yours, will you marry me? Then he got down on one knee in the sand, pulled out a hand-carved starfish box with the most beautiful ring inside, I was so surprised and excited, my entire body was tingling! I quickly said, Yes! of course!

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My sister and best friend realized what was going on and thankfully snapped pictures. Then this elderly couple said they had watched the whole thing and the older man made us a balloon heart, right there on the beach.

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We made it to the restaurant and ended up dancing to love songs a man was playing on the ukulele all night! The evening ended with the brightest and most vibrant shooting star sweeping across the whole sky above the ocean. It was the most magical night of my life.

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