Cortney and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I met over 11 years ago when he was a senior in high school. I was out one night with one of my girlfriends and he was out with his guy friends. I actually approached him, asking if I could join them because I thought he was cute. Jordan barely let me finish before he excitedly said, “Yeah, yeah! You can sit right here,” patting to the seat next to him. We immediately hit it off, finding common interests, similarities, and most of all, instant chemistry. We dated for a few months after that, loving every minute of it. Towards the end of the summer, we made the decision to end things before Jordan went off to college. We kept in touch over the next few years—visiting him at college, Jordan taking me on movie dates when he would come home for winter and summer breaks, and staying friends through it all.

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About 3 years ago, on August 27, Jordan took initiative this time around! He sparked a conversation on social media, which quickly led to us messaging each other daily, as often as we could. After a couple of weeks, I finally agreed to go to lunch with him after he had asked to get together multiple times. When Jordan saw me for the first time again, he knew instantly this was someone special. We quickly realized how much each other had grown over the years, how our morals and values aligned, and how we had matured into the people we were looking for to spend our lives with.

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Even though we took the dating process slow, that feeling continued to grow in both of us.

How They Asked

After nearly two-and-a-half years of being reconnected, Jordan planned a weekend getaway for my birthday with my family to my favorite place in West Texas. Little did I know, he had the whole family in on it with my sister taking me to get my nails done, dad bringing the Prosecco to celebrate, and most importantly, Jordan bringing the ring that he had been holding onto for over a month. He made it a point to include my son, Cason Michael, in the proposal.

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They even practiced getting down on one knee together for multiple days. The moment came as we were out in front of the fire pit, bundled up in camo. He said the ‘keyword’, and everyone frantically ran around (which I thought was incredibly odd, but at the moment didn’t question it). After the first picture was taken, he said that something was missing from the picture. He and Cason both got down on one knee, he pulled out the ring, said a lot of things that blurred together at the moment, but at the end asked, “Will you would make him the happiest man in the world and become my wife?” I teared up, said yes, and we celebrated with my family the rest of the night.

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