Cortney and Denny

How We Met: We met through my brother. Denny and my brother were in the same group of friends and had many mutual friends. Denny and I grew up in the same town but went to rival high schools. We met a few times and were actually Facebook friends for about a year before ever going out. It wasn’t until he came over to my mom’s house to celebrate my brother’s birthday that we really noticed one another. About a month after that, he sent me a Facebook message asking me to dinner and gave me his number, but not without asking my brother first if it was ok!

how they asked: We had gone away for a romantic weekend getaway to Morro Bay area. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Cayucos, a small quaint beach town. We had gone with Denny’s brother and his wife to celebrate their 13th wedding anniversary and our 3rd dating anniversary. After a day of golf and massages (guys went golfing, ladies got the massages), we met for a late lunch.

That night we planned to go out to a nice dinner, but we returned to our hotel room late and weren’t going to be ready for dinner until well after dark. Since we were going to miss sunset from the restaurant, Denny suggested we go walk along the beach, watch the sunset, and look for seashells for my daughter. He invited his brother and sister in law to come too. We got down to the beach before them, walked around and looked for shells.

Image 1 of Cortney and Denny

Once they got to the beach, they wanted to take pictures of the sunset (so I thought!). I was helping my sister in law with her camera while Denny and his brother stood by the pier. They posed for a picture. Then Denny called me over for a picture. As we’re standing there, waiting for our picture to be taken, he says “I have a better idea.”

Image 2 of Cortney and Denny

He dropped to one knee as he pulled out the ring box and asked me to marry him! I think it took me a second to realize it wasn’t a joke then I said “Yes! Of course!” His brother and sister in law captured the whole thing! It was absolutely perfect and caught me by complete surprise! After the proposal, we made it to our nice dinner to celebrate.

Image 3 of Cortney and Denny

Image 4 of Cortney and Denny