Cortlin and Joshua

How We Met

Josh and I had met through mutual friends. I had worked at a salon where my good friend Jen had worked with me as well. I had terrible luck with guys and so my friend Jen and her husband Tom were trying to find me a nice guy to date! Tom had left for a deployment for the military last June and little did I know my future husband would be with him on that deployment! I was always over at Jens house doing fun things with her and her kids and just becoming part of the family.Tom had a friend that he had previously tried to set me up with and it didn’t work out. With that being said, Tom and josh were on this deployment together and spent a lot of time together and Josh had seen a picture of me and thought I was cute and told Tom to give me his number so we could talk. I added Josh on Facebook and at first we had causal messages back and forth, here and there. Fast forward a fews months and we started talking everyday for hours a day on FaceTime, text messaging, Snapchat, literally all forms of social media and we really got to know each other just by talking. We talked up until the very day Josh and Tom had returned home from deployment! I went with Jen and her kids to take pictures of Toms homecoming and that is when I had met Josh for the very first time in person! I was SO BEYOND NERVOUS to meet him in person but I was so excited as well! When I saw josh get off that plane my heart exploded and i fell in love right then and there. I took a picture of his very first reaction seeing me and it is adorable! I had got the very first hug from him as soon as he was off the plane and we took our very first picture together. After we had got done at the airbase we had drove home and I had gotten a text from Josh asking if I wanted to go get lunch with him. We went on our very first date within hours of meeting each other for the very first time in person! Our first date was quite the adventure! We went to Maddox chicken and got food to go and drove to a shopping center and ate in the parking lot while it rained, we went to the cutest old book store where we had our first kiss. It was like the movies! I was standing on a stool and Josh was in front of me and I was looking at books on the top shelf and I looked down at him and he went in for the kiss and it was like the world stopped! It was adorable! We had a bbq with his family and ended the night with a movie and it’s safe to say we have been together everyday since he had come home to me.

How They Asked

Josh had consisted that I take off work on Monday September 23, 2019 because we were going on a very important date! We woke up that morning and he took me shopping for a cute outfit and we spent the whole day together. He had everything a secret so I had no clue what was planned. We got ready and started driving to a location and it ended up being one of my favorite places to go.. Antelope Island! We had arrived and it was about sunset time and josh took my hand and led me out into the field to the cutest set up!

Proposal Ideas Antelope island

He had our favorite pictures (Polaroid) together strung up with throw pillows, a old record player, flowers, grapes, strawberries, sparkling cider and a letter board saying “Marry Me” I turned around and he was on one knee holding the most beautiful ring! I looked over because I saw someone walking towards us taking pictures so he hired a photographer to capture our moment while the sun was setting! It was perfect in every way!

Special Thanks

Lexxi Smith
 | Photographer