Cortland and Micaiah

How We Met

Cortland worked at an Apple Store at the Genius Bar. Micaiah came in to get her phone fixed and as she waited in the store to get to her appointment time, Cortland caught her out of the corner of his eye.. He worked twice as fast to get done with his current customer so he could take her appointment. He probably gave a new iMac to someone who came in for a broken iPod just to get to her. “Hey there, what can I do for you today” was his first line. “The only thing I really remember is her eyes.. and the fact that the problem she described was easily fixed by restoring the phone”. So, what should have taken 5 minutes turned into an hour. Needless to say, she got a new phone. Later that day he sent her a message and asked if the new phone was doing well, asked her for a date and she said yes.

how they asked

It was just two days before my birthday. This was the Saturday where I ask Micaiah to be my wife! We both lived in Raleigh at the time and my mom worked on an Arabian horse farm in Pittsboro, North Carolina. For my birthday I told Micaiah that I wanted her to ride horses with me, then when we returned I wanted her to invite some of our friends over for a birthday party. Little did she know she was planning her own engagement party! With it being July it got hot fast so we headed out around 7:00am to beat the heat. I was going to be at the farm at 8:00am on the dot.

I had to be on time because I told her family, who was staged at my elementary school, to get to the farm at 8:10am. I also had my friend Chris Wheaton with Heart Stone Films heading out to catch everything that was about to happen on video from the cover of the woods. We arrived right on time! My mom had our horse ready and saddled up. At this moment my heart started racing. We both saddled up on the same horse and thank god she was sitting behind me. As we started riding my eyes watered up, my breath was so heavy I had to breath through my mouth and I had NO words. We finally rode up to the spot I had picked.

It was a field on the farm I grew up on. Where I learned how to shoot, where I learned how to ride horses, where I learned how to get up hay from the hay fields. This was home. I had put the engagement ring in a porcelain piece my mom loaned me. Chris was nice enough to place the ring in the field and put flower pedals in a circle around the ring. We rode up to the spot and I played the ‘only child card’: “Oh look! My mom must have done this for my birthday! Can you go see what’s in that?” Perfect excuse right? Well, I forgot to mention this was the first time we rode together and I had never taught her how to get off the horse.

So Micaiah insisted that it wasn’t safe to jump off and once she had, she wouldn’t be able to get back on. I didn’t see this one coming! After a short debate Micaiah finally agreed that she would get off. At this point I basically blacked out. I was overwhelmed with the feels and I couldn’t have been more excited to ask her to marry me. Well she said yes!!! When I finally came to and we both stopped shaking we walked to the woods where Chris was hanging out. Then it got real!!!

We weren’t alone and he had cameras. My mom had made a place where we could tie the horse up and hang for a bit. While we’re there, Micaiah turned around to the sound of trucks and 4 wheelers and turned around to see her family! Her mom and dad, her 2 brothers and her sister. We took some time to be together and celebrate. Later that day the birthday party she had planned turned into the best engagement party I could have asked for.

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