Cortland and Charlie

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How We Met

Charlie and I met by chance during our first week of college at the University of Arkansas. I was feeling very bold that night and said hello to a guy that I met during freshman orientation–it was so incredibly awkward because the guy didn’t recognize me at first. I am very thankful now because I met my future husband, but at the time I was totally hating myself for being so outgoing.

He invited me and a friend back to his lofted-two-story dorm room (ridiculous, right?) to hang out with a few other people. About an hour into the “party”, Charlie arrived home and walked upstairs to see who all these random people were in his dorm room. As Charlie rounded the corner, we dramatically lock eyes (total movie moment). There was an instant connection between us but it took two long years until we finally started dating.

how they asked

After a year and a half later of dating, Charlie picked me up to go to my mom’s “birthday dinner”. We were going to the fanciest restaurant in town so I made sure to wear my favorite dress and have Charlie sorta match me. On our way to the restaurant, Charlie received a very believable call from his roommate that he was having car trouble in the nearby parking garage. I was a little annoyed because we were going to be late but I knew that we couldn’t say no. Charlie assured me that I could stay in the car so my dress wouldn’t be ruined.

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We arrived at the parking garage and I was completely oblivious to the whole situation until we arrived at the top where I saw a beautiful arch decorated with handwritten notes from my family and closest friends. If you know me then you know just how much I love receiving hand-written letters and notes.

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After happy crying and reading all of the letters filled with love and encouragement, he revealed the final letter addressed to “My Beautiful Bride To Be”–I totally lost it. When I had finished reading his sweet words, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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Later that night we went to a friends’ house where family and friends were waiting to celebrate with us. We are indescribably happy to begin the next chapter of our lives and look forward to getting married in Dallas, TX on 12-30-2018

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Special Thanks

Emma Farr
 | Photographer