Corrie and Carson

How We Met

It was summer of 2015, I had just graduated from college, living in Colorado, and Carson was living in Utah deeply focused on a season of off-road dirt bike racing. My family is involved in helping run a dirt bike racing series that Carson just so happened to be racing. With one race a month, we crossed paths a few times that summer and while I found Carson cute and charming, he was under the impression I was dating someone else! It took from May until the end of September at the last race of the season until sparks really started to fly. Carson was still hesitant, but our mutual friend group was not wasting any more time. A good friend of ours went straight to my mom to get my phone number and passed it along to Carson. It took him two weeks to text me (he swears it was less!) but the rest was history… Carson drove eight hours in broken cars over the mountains of Summit County and our first date was a weekend that involved cute awkwardness, meeting my family, and motion sickness on a mountain drive! We did nine months of long distance, switching off weekends in each other’s state and living life to its fullest adventure! The following summer, I was starting a grueling Master’s in Education program and Carson was gearing up to start school for Occupational therapy as well, so he moved over to Denver.

How They Asked

Carson and I recently bought a house and we will close on it in a few weeks. When we decided to buy a home, we had talked that we wanted to take the next step of our relationship (engagement) before we were mortgage bound. The process happened faster than we had planned so I wasn’t sure if Carson could pull it all off! My guess was that he would purpose on our closing day, what a great way to start our next adventure — but he got wind that I guessed this and he changed his plans. Instead, I have an unforgettable birthday!

Carson planned to take me to brunch for my birthday, and when we arrived we had time to spare. We took a walk along the river, Carson had recently had ACL surgery and said he needed to stretch his knee out. This river just so happens to be the same river we walked along for our first date. About halfway up, Carson stopped us to look at the river and reminded me of a comment he made about the river on that first date walk — “Just think about it, that water never stops running…” The next words out of his mouth began the same but ended much different “just think about it… spending a life of forever together.” He proceeded to talk about our relationship, and get down on one knee (which I didn’t think he could do after surgery!).

After I tearfully said yes, cheers erupted from across the river, my whole family and best friends were there waiting! Carson also pointed out our friend who was hiding and taking photos for us! We joined them all for a delicious brunch afterward to celebrate!

Special Thanks

Andrew Campo
 | Photographer