Corrie and Anthony

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How We Met

We met in college, I was a teammate of one of her best friends. We had met several times in passing and I never really cared to get to know her or even remember her name. Total jerk move. Fast forward toward after college we reconnected, at a time that was finally both right for both of us to pursue our feelings toward each other. It was then after our many meetings, she gave me a chance and I guess you can say the rest is history.

how they asked


Several months prior to this point, we decided on going to Machu Picchu because it was a place she always wanted to visit and for me it was an opportunity to finally get my first passport stamp. So half way during our vacation to Peru we went up to hike Machu Picchu, it truly was a beautiful sight. We had walked to various points outside of the ruins for about 4 hours before we found a spot to have lunch and just relax for a bit. I had been thinking about how to do this, since it was only us two traveling, trying to get someone to capture it was going to be a hard feat to accomplish, or so I thought. Earlier in the day, I had sat my phone in place for 2 hours trying to capture a really cool time lapse. So after we had lunch, I told Corrie that I wanted to try and do another time lapse, thinking that since I had done one earlier she wouldn’t think twice if I tried to do it again. So as we got what seemed like a quiet and perfect moment we sat by the edge before she turned to get up to grab our things to continue our trek upon which I got one on knee. Then somehow that quiet moment turned into not so quiet as a french tour group appeared out of no where to all have eyes on me. If I wasn’t nervous before I know was. It still wouldn’t ruin such a magical moment as she said yes. We sat there will smiles on our faces my nerves finally at ease to hear within the next 5 minutes another successful proposal. Now the fun begins of planning of what’s next to come and I truly can’t wait.

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