Corley and Ben

Image 1 of Corley and BenHow We Met: Ben and I met at a church in Houston, Texas.He was the worship pastor there and I was a new member. We were both in other relationships that weren’t the best so at the time we were just mutual friends.

Our other relationships eventually fizzled out as they inevitably would and within weeks of realizing each other was newly single we began talking.

I am not lying when I tell you it was love at first run! The very first time we met was to go running and I was oblivious to the fact that he was even interested in me.

So I show up and begin stretching, warming up, getting my head phones ready while all the while he just wanted to talk to me!

Not even a week went by and we knew we were in love and had found our soul mate in each other. It didn’t feel like we were getting to know each other, but rather that we were remembering each other. He has my heart.

how they asked: Ben is a music artist, he is the most amazing singer I have ever heard. Ever since Ed Sheeran came out with “Thinking Out Loud” I had continued to ask Ben to play and sing it for me but he never would!Image 2 of Corley and Ben

I never thought much of it until that Saturday evening of course. He told me we were going to meet some friends for dinner and drinks so I got ready for a night out.

He kept acting so strange during the day i.e. he kept coming and going and had the weirdest reasons for his behavior, I just brushed it off.

Little did I know that he was running to do a sound check in Kemah with his friends band that was playing live that night (this was at least 20 minutes away from my house). We got in the car and he informed me that his friends were playing and he told them we would swing by to listen so we headed to Kemah.

After a few minutes of listening, his friend Brandon called him on stage to sing a song then dragged me to the middle of the dance floor front and center to sit and watch. Then Ben began to sing the sweet words of “Thinking Out Loud” to me and I got lost in his voice and forgot about the rest of the crowd behind me.

He came off stage mid-song, embraced me as he pulled out the ring and dropped down on one knee to ask me to spend forever with him. Of course I said YES!