Corinne and Ethan

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How We Met

In July of 2013, I packed up my life and moved to Pennsylvania to start my first year of medical school. I was really nervous to start and was dreading the big move, especially since I had just moved away from Tucson, Arizona, a city that had 300+ sunny days in a year for a city that I don’t think has ever seen the sun. The following day was my orientation and I was really anxious because I didn’t know anyone in my class. Later that day, many of the medical students in the second year class invited the first years to a get together at a local restaurant. I knew that I had to go because I wanted to meet some new friends. Looking back, I am really glad that I did! It was at this restaurant where I first saw Ethan and I haven’t stopped thinking about him since. All of the students that night traveled to the various bars in town. It took several more locations that night until Ethan finally came over to me to introduce himself. He told me that night that if I ever needed any tips or help with my anatomy class, he would gladly tutor me. A week or 2 later, one of the second years had a party and I went to it with some friends. Luckily for me, Ethan was there! We spent the majority of that night talking, but I was really stressed out with my medical school classes that we didn’t make any plans to get together. The week of my first big anatomy practical and exam, I was studying at the library. I must have looked extremely stressed out because Ethan came over to my table and gave me his phone number. He told me to text him later and he’d meet up with me so he could share some tips for my upcoming exams. I met him in a study room, and he quickly learned that I didn’t really need his help (I actually think I corrected him with something he was trying to teach me. Sorry Ethan!). Nevertheless, I appreciated his help and he gave me confidence that I needed to do well on my exam. After the big exam was over, Ethan texted me to see how it went and he convinced me to meet up with him and his friends at one of the bars in town. We had so much fun talking that night and I have been the happiest girl in the world ever since!

how they asked

I have been looking forward to my Medical School Graduation day since I was a little girl. I dreamed of the day of walking across the stage as they called out my name and I earned my degree as a physician. To make my point even more, when I was 10, I asked my mom how old I would have to be until I could graduate from medical school and she told me 26 at the earliest. Obviously, every birthday that passed was a countdown until I was 26 when I could finally experience the best day of my life. My family understood how big of a deal my graduation was, so my wonderful parents hosted a weekend long graduation celebration at a lake house in Findley Lake, NY. My parents, brother, aunts, uncles and cousins traveled from Arizona and Pennsylvania to celebrate the weekend with me. Ethan knew how big of a day my graduation was for me, especially since I had a countdown to the big day starting way beyond 100 days. He realized that my family was coming in from all over, which is why I’m guessing he picked the day before graduation to propose. He knew how special it would be for me to be surrounded by my family. I also “hinted” earlier in the year how amazing it would be if he was able to hood me at my graduation ceremony, since he was already a physician and would be eligible to do so. The only catch was that he had to either be my fiance or husband, not my boyfriend, in order to hood me. When the day before graduation came, I knew that if he was going to hood me, he would have to propose that day. My mom and I had planned a wine tour along Lake Erie for my family that day. We went to 3 different wineries, which all had ample picturesque locations, but nothing happened. By 5:00, I texted my best friend Anne Marie and told her today is not going to be the big day. Before dinner, my brother Zach asked if I wanted to go and take a walk along the dock of the lake next to our lake house. I wasn’t really interested because I was a little upset. However, he was pretty insistent, so I decided to just do it. Zach, my cousin Andrew, Ethan and I decided to go on the walk. Before I knew it, Ethan and I were alone on the dock and he went down on one knee. My eyes started to swell up with tears while he said a beautiful little speech and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I’d ever seen. I immediately said yes! I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t realize Zach and Andrew were taking pictures of the whole proposal! I am so incredibly grateful that they did because I get to look at the pictures over and over and replay the entire moment in my head. We went inside and celebrated with my family. I called Anne Marie immediately and told her just kidding! today actually is the day! It meant so much to me that we were able to celebrate our engagement with my whole family. It truly was the greatest night of my life.

Proposal Ideas Findley Lake, NY

The next day was my graduation day. I woke up still basking in the happiness of being engaged to the most amazing man I’ve ever met. When it was finally time for me to walk across the stage, I was pretty nervous. As a clumsy person on a very emotional day, I really did not want to trip or cry. Luckily, after I was given my diploma, I took a few steps and I saw Ethan beaming with pride. I instantly felt so much better. Having my handsome fiance hood me into the profession of being a physician is a moment that I will never forget. When I sat back down in my seat, I smiled when I realized the graduation day I had looked forward to for over 16 years actually was not the best day of my life; Instead, the previous day, when I told Ethan that I would be with him forever, took its place.