Corinne and Ernest

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At home

how they asked

We’d been dating for 10 years and just had our first baby. He had been asking me questions about we met and where we had our first date on the way to my family’s Christmas Eve party. I was like, “you don’t remember?” He saw that I was getting annoying, thinking he’d forgotten these precious moments so he dropped it. He seemed a lil off during the whole party. He’d asked my brother in law where he had proposed to my sister, he said “here at the party 4 years ago” he looked white as an ago and upset. So after the party was over we rode home, it was quiet on the way home. By this time it was midnight, Christmas Day. It’s was just us 3 at home. He said we could open one gift each, I was excited! He opened his and loved his new watch and belt. He told me that he hadn’t had a chance to get me what I wanted since he worked so much and hadn’t had a chance to go shopping so he said he got me a little gift and we could get it after Christmas. I opened my gift and it was my favorite trail mix and a $20 bill. I smiled and said I love it, he told me to turn around so he could take a picture of the gift. I turned around and he had the baby in his rocker chair holding a ring on his little legs and he was kneeling down. He asked me, “would you marry me?” And of course, I said, “Yes!!!”. I didn’t know he had the conversation with my brother in law, his plan was to originally to propose at the party, but since my brother in law had done the same thing a few years ago he had to scrap those plan ASAP. I loved that it was just us 3 that experienced it, a start of a new chapter for us. It was amazing and the best day ever.