Corinne and Bryan

How We Met: Back when we lived in Minnesota I was an Event Planner for Cannon River Winery and Vineyard. In September of 2012 one of my close friends and coworkers (Bergit – also a bridesmaid) was splitting the weekends worked with me throughout the Harvest season. Bergit ended up accepting another job halfway through Harvest, so I covered one of the weekends that she was originally scheduled to work. I still thank Bergit to this day because on one of the days I was working for her Bryan came to the vineyard. He came alone to learn about the Minnesota winery and vineyard business. We met up on the beautiful sloping hill full of vines, with fall colors filling the trees all around us. It was love at first sight, it builds stronger every day…and the rest is history!


how they asked: Bryan’s proposal was one of the most romantic and thoughtful surprises of my life. For many years it has been a goal of mine to go to Provence, France to see the rolling lavender fields. To drink great wine and relax in one of the most beautiful places on earth. We had just moved to Texas and he told me he wanted to take a weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country to try out some of the wineries (we are both big winos). When we got there we stayed at an adorable bed and breakfast. Bryan made brioche, baguettes and croissants from scratch and packed some fun cheeses and spreads for us to have a picnic. When we arrived at the first winery he told me to close my eyes. He lead me, while making sure my eyes were closed, to a precise location and said I could open my eyes. All I saw was lavender. A field of it right there in the Texas Hill Country. He got down on one knee and took out that little blue box from Tiffany & Co. It was the most amazing ring from the perfect man in the most wonderful place. He had gone ring shopping with my mom back in Minnesota, where we are from, making sure to pick out just the right one (she was so thrilled to be invited along). I then learned that the lavender field belong to a winery called Becker Vineyards (we met in a vineyard, so it was only fitting we got engaged at one too) and that they were putting on their lavender festival that day! Lavender was everywhere with multiple vendors selling wonderful things. We walked over to the wine bar to celebrate with some vino and, to my astonishment, my parents were sitting at the bar with wine glasses in hand and big smiles on their faces. They had flown all the way to Texas just to be with us on that one day, all due to Bryan’s extravagant arrangements. They flew out the next morning with happy hearts. I am so glad he didn’t take me to France to propose. The amount of thought, planning, and love that went into planning that proposal is so special. He often tells me it was the best day of his life so far. It was certainly mine as well.





Photos by Perry James Photography