Corinne and Bobby

Corinne's Proposal in Hilton Head, SC

How We Met

Bobby and I met on Tinder! We met for lunch in Downtown Franklin on a February afternoon and I told him I had a friends birthday party later that day so I needed to leave by 4 PM. (He told me later he thought I was crazy thinking our date would last that long). By the time 4 PM rolled around neither of us wanted to leave the date. We kept texting for the next few days and went on about 4 dates in a week and a half period. I knew from our second date this was the man I would marry. I met his daughter and his family not long after.

Where to Propose in Hilton Head, SC

We talked about marriage and adding on to our family one day. We talked moving in together and engagement rings. We were happy and in love and not a single thing has changed since then. He’s the first person who has ever made me feel secure and loved unconditionally. He makes me strive to be the best person I can, because he deserves the best. I can’t wait to marry the love of my life and continue building our lives together. Plus I get the most adorable 4 year old to love for the rest of my life too :)

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how they asked

Bobby and I left Nashville at 3 AM to drive 8 hours to Hilton Head, SC for a much needed week away. We talked the whole way about our relationship, our dreams, our future together, what kind of life we want to build together, the perfect questions for a soon to be proposal. Plenty of people were trying to convince me that this was the trip he would get down on one knee, but I tried not to get my hopes up, (little did I know already asked my dad). We arrived and spent the day by the ocean. We got ready to go to dinner just before sunset and he asked if I’d like to join him for a walk on the beach. We walked about 10 minutes and turned around to head to dinner.

Before we made it back in front of our resort he pulled me around to him, kissed me, and got down on one knee. He pulled a ring out of his pocket and told me “I will always love you” followed by asking me to marry him! I was in tears from the second he kissed me not thinking this was real. I said yes immediately. The picture posted was seconds before he asked me. It was too much excitement to take one after, we completely forgot! We’re planning a wedding for September 21st, 2019, we just bought a house together and we couldn’t be happier!