Corinna and Gavin

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How We Met

I remember it like it was yesterday. My best friend and I was hanging out in the kitchen at work, when this new coworker passing by stopped and said with excitement “Hey Guys, I’m Corinna”. We stared, stopped our conversation, said “Hey” and kept our conversation going. Over the next few weeks, I kept running into Corinna and we would talk about school, work and it seem like everything else. I couldn’t help but remember our introduction but nonetheless she kept coming around and I kept inquiring about her life. Still to this day I’m paying for my “cold” response :D

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how they asked

About 6 months ago I told Corinna, that a photographer reached out to me and wanted to shoot some headshots and if I agreed I would love for her to tag along. During the upcoming months I told Corinna I decided to to take pictures but she should update her LinkedIn pictures as well. Throughout various conversations I convinced Corinna that we should trick the photographer, midway during the shoot, by changing clothes and asking her to taking pictures of both of us.

On the scheduled proposal day, I had a makeup artist to meet Corinna and do her makeup. To Corinna’s knowledge the photographer hired the makeup artist for shoot!

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At the photo shoot we both took headshots and midway changed. (She had no idea the photographer, videographer and makeup artist was on everything!) While the sun was setting, the photographer asked us to do our secret handshake. When we were to kiss during our handshake I dropped to my knees and became the happiest man on Earth!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Eben Adrian
 | Photographer
Ivan Mendez
 | Videographer
Chimeras Dream
 | Planning