Corinna and Cameron

Engagement Proposal Ideas in London, England

How We Met

I’d moved back home to MN after a few poor life choices and knew I wanted to move back to CO I just didn’t know when it’d happen again. It was my way of pressing the reset button on my life if you will. Rewind for a moment, I’d moved to CO for college and had started life in CO so I knew that’s where I wanted to be. Well later that March of 2014 was my best friend’s birthday so I planned to spend spring break with her in CO. I booked my ticket and made sure I’d be there for her. I’d been struggling in the dating department and I’d call my best friend all the time with my terrible date stories. She ensured me she was going to set me up with this guy when I flew out to see her since he’d been asking about me after I moved.

Fast forward to spending the week in CO and I met this guy named Cameron on the first night. (Little did I know I’d met him a year prior at a race event, he told his friends he’d wanted to reconnect ever since then but things never worked out!) He was so different and unlike anyone I’d ever met before. He wouldn’t approach me either which was intriguing like he was too nervous to do it. For that entire week we would meet up for random reasons, whether it was house parties or finding a reason to bring him watermelon at work – we wanted to spend time together because we knew it would be fleeting. We only had that week. But even after I went back to MN we couldn’t stop texting and FaceTiming. He’d joke around telling me that he told people I was his wife to “fend off the ladies” lol.

After 3 months of our long-distance friendship he told me he wanted to be with me and that he wanted to move me back to CO. He’d never been on a plane before but he decided to fly out to MN and move me and all my stuff back to CO! We’d had our ups and downs like any relationship but time flies and 5 years later we’d decided to take the trip of a lifetime to Europe.

How They Asked

I knew a proposal had to be coming but I didn’t know how or when I mean 5 years guys am I right? We started our Europe trip in London, and I’d planned a Photoshoot to get pictures that weren’t just selfies in each city. So that day we started our photoshoot walking around London and towards the end, it was getting really hot out so I knew cam (in a button-down mind you) was dying. Our photographer asked, “to end the shoot would you like to go to an old shipyard or an abandoned castle?” I hope you all know hands down the answer was a castle. So we made our way to the castle which I’d happened to be obsessed with prior to our trip and had no idea that’s where we were going. Once we got there cam apparently knew this was the place.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in London, England

He got down on one knee and I thought it was a joke like he’d thought it’d be cute to pretend to propose for the photographer. And then I realized what was actually happening and the tears started rolling! I can’t remember a single time in my life I’d ever been so happy it brought me to tears like that. He’d told me that he’d known since that first day he met me that I’d be his wife one day. And the rest is history! We enjoyed the bliss of being newly engaged in Paris, Venice, and Rome. Our whole trip could not have possibly been any better and I can say for the both of us it was forever life-changing in more ways than one.

PS the ring is perfect! He did so good!

Corinna and Cameron's Engagement in London, England

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