Corina and Sergio

Corina and Sergio's Engagement in Zipaquirá, Colombia

How We Met

Sergio and I met at a mutual friends’ graduation party.

I still remember how the whole lit up when he through the door. A few months later, we reconnected during a Seahawks playoffs game. It was a dark and stormy day, so Sergio originally wasn’t planning on going. Something inside him compelled him to go, and he met up with us at halftime. After the game, while in the thrill of the win, we began to talk more, dance, and after that first kiss, the rest was history.

Since we met through mutual friends, we’ve had a great tribe support us from that first kiss to today.

how they asked

Sergio and I spent 3 years together before getting engaged. During this time, we became closer and closer to our families. Sergio’s family lives in Colombia, and mine lives in Las Vegas. When Sergio decided to propose, it became a family affair.

During Thanksgiving, Sergio plotted with my grandmother to get a dinner with just him and my parents set up. Unwittingly, I ruined this plan by insisting I join. So the next day, Sergio made sure I slept in as long as possible. While I slept, he took my parents out to breakfast and asked for their permission. My parents love Sergio, and were thrilled. However, they also wanted to be sure that he understood that marrying me meant marrying into the family. I have two younger brothers who have autism, and my mother has been battling stage 4 cancer for over 7 years, and Sergio has stood beside me every step of the way. My parents knew that he was the best partner I could have to support us during this trying time.

The proposal took all of this into account. Sergio and I went on a weeklong vacation with his family in the Colombian region of Boyaca. At each city, we stopped in the town square church and prayed for my mom. Our last stop was at a famous salt mine in Zipaquirá. A beautiful cathedral was carved out of salt at the end of the tour. Sergio’s sister told me that Sergio had found a beautiful spot to pray for my mom on the side of the altar. After praying for my mom, he asked me if I was happy, hugged me, and asked me how I would feel if “one day” was finally today.

I started crying right away when I realized what was about to happen. Sergio and I had talked about getting married, and his response was always “one day soon” (in Spanish, “pronto”). As he said these words, he led me to the altar, where he had a teddy bear and champagne waiting. My nickname for Sergio is “oso,” which is bear in Spanish. Each detail was though out and so sentimental.

We walked to the center of the altar, in front of a beautiful cross almost 100 ft tall entirely carved out of salt, and Sergio got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Zipaquirá, Colombia

We drove back to Medellin that night, elated. In the middle of this happy time, we were also anxious knowing my mom would be having spinal surgery in a few days to remove a dangerous tumor. After all the prayers during our trip to Boyaca, my mom’s risky surgery turned out successful, and we were all able to celebrate an engagement that meant so much to the entire family.