Corina and Joshua


How We Met

Joshua and I met in High School, during lunch one day I decided to go to the vending machines and as I was walking I saw him talking to some of his friends, he noticed me as well, and we instantly locked eyes. I got extremely nervous and all I could do was smile at him but he stayed straight faced so I thought, wow ok, he’s definitely not into me. Regardless, I couldn’t get this boy out of my head (little did I know, he had felt the same way about me!) We didn’t share the same group of friends and I’ve never seen him prior to that so we had no clue what each other’s names were.. but apparently after that day he successfully looked me up on social media and messaged me. I was ecstatic.

It didn’t take long before I was head over heels for him, in fact I remember the very first time he kissed me, my first thoughts were “oh my god, he’s got me.” Over the course of our relationship in High School, being younger and foolish, we had our rough patches…we dated on and off several times and it was driving me crazy! I had never felt this way about someone and the confusion and uncertainty was extremely frustrating.. and things were only going to get a lot harder for us. Joshua had always been a fan of traveling, so when he came across a flyer at his college campus about a program for a 3 month studying course in Europe it really caught his attention. When he first told me about this my heart sank, but I knew this was something he had to do, every time he would talk about it his face would light up so I had to be supportive.

We over came what felt like the longest 3 months of our lives, e-mailing and talking on the phone at every opportunity we could. When he returned I felt like we were stronger than ever and Joshua and I started hanging out A LOT, going to Disneyland every weekend, staying out late, and going on spontaneous road trips. We were very rebellious together, something I used to never dare to be because my dad is a strict, religious, Catholic man. Joshua however brought out a side to me I didn’t know existed and we would always have the time of our lives so it came naturally to me, this of course made my dad and family very upset, they did not approve of my behavior but I continued to see him. Joshua and I couldn’t stay apart we were best friends and everything we did, we had to do together, but something was still missing.

We started drifting apart for a reason I cannot explain to this day, and he had told me he had been thinking of moving to New York where his sister currently resided. Surprisingly this time around I was not heartbroken but fed up, I encouraged him to go and after he left I told him it just wasn’t going to work anymore. We had started dating other people, several months had passed and still not a word had been exchanged between us.. until one late morning. I was resting in bed extremely sick, puffy eyes, red nose and all (Cute right?) and just woken up from a nap to the sound of my room door knob turning, to my biggest surprise it was Joshua.

My first thought was that I was dreaming, but no, there he was standing clear as day right in front of me. I was trying to collect my thoughts and wake up as he sat down next to me at the edge of my bed, grabbed my hand and said “Corina, I love you and I can’t imagine my life without you, I don’t want to lose you for good. These past months have been extremely hard for me without you, so I would like you to come move to New York with me.”  The rest is history!


(Brazil, 2011)


(Mexico, 2014)


(Japan, 2015)

how they asked

We have been living together for close to 4 years now, lived in New York for 2 and then moved to Nashville Tennessee in hopes of buying our first home. We were achieving big things, mind you, we haven’t finished our college education so we were very proud of ourselves. Our goal is to travel somewhere once a year and the previous years we had been to Brazil, Mexico and Japan, so when Joshua told me he wanted to go Italy this year I didn’t think anything of it.

We were planning to go to Italy September, and his birthday is in August which he wanted to go home to California where our families reside, and go to Disneyland, his favorite place in the world! This worked out so conveniently because his plan was actually to ask for my father’s blessing.. and I am so thankful for that because it helped mend the relationship between them. We’ve talked about marriage and we knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together, but there was no rush, we have been together for 8 years and most importantly we were happy so I never suspected a thing.


I couldn’t wait to go to Italy because this would have been my first time in Europe and I have heard nothing but great things..and before we knew it we were packed and ready to go! Arriving in Italy was such a surreal feeling, we landed in Rome and had to take a train to Florence where we were staying the first couple of nights. I remember looking at the green country side on the train ride and being in awe of how beautiful it was, this trip was different and I didn’t know why but I felt it. The first day we explored the small city and just walked around enjoying the scenery, Joshua showed me places he used to go while he was studying abroad and I saw the apartment he used to stay in, that was special to me. Later that evening we enjoyed a nice dinner with a bottle of wine, at a hole in the wall restaurant which was one our favorite meals we had.

We were having so much fun and time felt nonexistent, We made our own rules and left all our worries behind. The next day we had breakfast at a local coffee shop that consisted of a cornetto and espresso, afterwards we walked around some more and were searching for a bar to have a mid day drink. We decided to stop at one right across from the Ponte Vecchio bridge to enjoy the view and we ordered two negronis- a popular drink that originated in Florence, we got the idea from watching Anthony Bourdain when he visits Rome. However we must not have gone to the right bar that makes them right in Florence because the drink was gross. Nevertheless we laughed it off, sucked it up, and drank up while enjoying each others company. He told me he wanted to take me on a small hike up to the Piazzale Michelangelo that evening where you can over look the entire skyline of the city.

As we walked back to our room to get ready, he said we needed to hurry because we had to make it there before the sunset and he was very pushy about this. While I was getting ready I noticed him pacing back and forth in the room, he was an in extremely good mood and he kept rushing me telling me over and over again about the freakin’ sunset, all I could think was: this is not our only night here, so what if we miss it tonight. But I rushed anyway and we were on our way out, I noticed he had his backpack and his reason was he needed it to put his camera away when he was done taking pictures, clever. We were making our way up the small hike and Joshua was looking at me in a different way than he ever had, his eyes were beaming but I thought it was because he couldn’t wait for me to see the gorgeous view of the skyline.

Once at the top, he showed me the bronze cast of the David statue facing Florence that sits in the center of the square, it was on the staircase of the statue where he admitted that he had teared up for me for the first time back when he was studying abroad, because he missed me and realized I was the one for him. There were crowds of people and we wanted to get the right spot to sit down and take a breather, so we climbed up a bit more to the church called Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte and at this time the gates had closed but we thought the stairs were a perfect spot anyway.


We were admiring the breathtaking skyline and Joshua told me to stare at the Duomo monument because if I saw a face it meant good luck- he totally made that up but I fell for it. I was staring at he Duomo and couldn’t make anything out of it, he then said my name to get my attention and I turned around to find him down on one knee and said “Corina, will you marry me?” WHOA – all of a sudden I felt like I was floating, it was the best feeling ever! My eyes swelled up with tears and my immediate response was, YES! as I uncontrollably nodded my head and kissed him. When he slipped the ring onto my finger, it fit like a glove.


He went through extreme lengths and research to help design this custom ring and make sure it fit just right which meant the world to me. We sat down at the church’s staircase for about 20 minutes and enjoyed a mini bottle of wine that he had snuck into his backpack as well, then went down to where there were bigger crowds and decided to get a bottle of champagne. As if the night wasn’t going perfectly enough, when Joshua was popping the bottle open a local guitar player started playing the beatles “woman”, a song he had dedicated to me. Given our history of difficult times and separation I never thought this is where we would have ended up and especially never would have expected this proposal. Joshua has gifted me with the greatest memories, I can’t believe he chose me to be his future wife and I never thought it was possible for somebody to love me as much as he does but I am so thankful for it.


(Trying to hold back tears!!!)