Corie and William

Corie and William's Engagement in At our home, on our front porch.

How We Met

-Will and I, Thanksgiving 2017

When We Met:

Will and I met in 2010 at my annual summer slip-n-slide party, and became acquaintances. In 2012 we both ended long term relationships, and he started coming to our group trivia. I was a single mom to a one year old, and at the time I wasn’t really looking for love. Will and I started texting, and spending time together. We fell in love really fast, and started exclusively dating in July of 2012.

Here is the night we became pals. We take slip-n-slide seriously, i mean just look at my face.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in At our home, on our front porch.

how they asked

Picture This:
It’s Solar eclipse day 2018 and I’ve been driving for almost 5 hours to get back home from watching the eclipse in totality with my son.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our home, on our front porch.

Exhausted and sweaty, I get home and literally can do nothing but sit. I put on a giant paint stained t-shirt, throw my hair into a ponytail, and Will asks if I want to sit on the porch and drink wine by the firepit – A nightly tradition of ours when the kids actually go to bed on time.

Casual conversation turns to real sweet nothings, and Will is being more soft spoken than usual. I’m digging it. Then, suddenly, a HUGE palmetto bug the size of a cat runs across my bare foot and I do a bizarre interpretive dance coupled with many screams to get away from it. After I torch the entire house, Will apologizes for the bug ruining the moment. Then, while certainly looking the most unattractive I ever have, Will got down on one knee and pulled a handmade ring box from his pocket, and proposed.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At our home, on our front porch.

There were no frills, no fancy dinner, no fireworks, no extravagance. It was just us. At our home where we shared our first kiss on the roof in 2012; our home that he rebuilt from nothing; our home where we brought our daughter after she was born; our home where we have spent almost all of our time in these 5 incredible years.

I said yes. Of course I said yes. If you actually know Will Britt, you know that I have just won the game of life. Will is the epitome of a man. He is kind, generous, patient, ambitious, talented, handsome, hilarious, ridiculously smart, and an amazing father.

I am grateful the universe forged our paths together, because i can’t imagine life without Billy.

Special Thanks

Lora Couch | 
Lora is my cousin, and she purchased my ring for Will. Since we share a bank account, Lora offered to buy my ring so he could surprise me.