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How We Met

Our Story:Clayton and I met through one of my bridesmaids and best of friends Chelsea, through her our history & future together began. Since July 17th, 2004 we have been each others best friends, from high school to college sweethearts. I thank God everyday for placing him in my life at just the right moment. He is my soulmate, my lover and my best friend. “Its always better when we’re together”and I am so thankful for the man that God has blessed me with since way back when & now for forever.

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how they asked

Friday July 10th, 2015 began just like any other day on our beach vacation. Starting the day with a morning text to my mom asking her about how my fur babies were doing, telling her how I missed them and that I wished her and dad could have came down to the beach with us. Then we took our morning trip up to the beach with Clay’s brother (Lance) and his girlfriend (Deanna). We (well me and Deanna) spent most of our time sunbathing, while the boys were busy swimming and throwing football. But, once the life guard called everyone out of the water due to a possible shark spotting… we all decided to pack it up! (Not to mention we had already spotted a jelly fish earlier.) We spent the rest of the day relaxing around the campground and taking our normal afternoon golf cart cruise, until it was time to get ready for our dinner out to Murrells Inlet. Which I was very excited about because we had not been out to a nice dinner all week and I find it so beautiful there.

On the way to Murrells Inlet Clayton’s brother Lance kept saying that he, “REALLY wanted to go look at the boats” so Clayton promised him that once we got there we would do that before we went to eat. So when we arrived we headed for the dock bar to start our stroll down towards the boats, me with frozen “Pina Colada” in hand kept complaining to Clayton that it was too HOT to be walking the dock before sunset. But we continued down the dock and once we had almost reached the end of the dock Clay stops me and guides me to the side as he points out to the water. He then says: “This would be a good spot for someone to propose wouldn’t it?” Now if you know Clayton (like I do) then you know he is BIG jokester and you can hardly ever take him seriously… so I respond (not even thinking about what he just said) with a… “Yeah it does… HEY! Look at those clam shells in the water.” He then grabs my right hand and looks at the promise ring he gave me years ago and says: “If this is all I had to give you would that work?” (Me still not comprehending the whole situation) says, “Yes.” He responds: “Okay, give it to me.” As he tries to take it off my finger I laugh at him and ask: “What are you doing???” He says calmly: “I’m going to propose.” (He now has my promise ring in hand). In disbelief I say : “What?! No you’re not (laughing and looking away from him to sip on my drink). He then calls out for his brother to video him giving me this ring. While I am clueless and still thinking, that he is completely joking with me. Then he says my name and I look back at him… he is now on one knee holding a ring up at me, which I assume is my promise ring but as I catch a glimpse of it I notice that it’s not my ring it is a completely different ring! He then ask me, “Will you Marry Me?” Of course I am speechless but manage to respond with “Oh My God…. YESSSS!” Crying and in disbelief, completely oblivious to all the camera noises around I somehow hear a familiar voice shout “You did good boy!” Knowing that voice and how it sounded an awful lot like my Dads I look up from Clayton to see a crowd of people behind him. I notice that my parents were there, my brother, Clayton’s mom and grandpa along with a few others whom he had told to come. Mouth Wide open I scream and walk off from him leaving him standing there holding the ring (hahaha). Eventually after hugging and crying with everyone I walk back over to him saying: “I’m sorry I forgot to let you put the ring on my finger!” (typical me). But, he just laughed at me as he FINALLY put the ring on my left hand.

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