Coriana and Tyler

How We Met

We met in high school at a JROTC competition we didn’t think much of it at the time but 5 years later we reconnected on Facebook and quickly fell in love.

how they asked

Tyler is stationed overseas for a year and it was coming up on our one year anniversary and I was we wouldn’t be together for the day. As the day got closer he was talking about travel he had to do for work and was going to be out of phone reach for the day. I went on with my day and was at my parents watching a movie when all the sudden Tyler called and was at my parents front door. We spent two weeks together even buying a new vehicle as a couple on one of the last few days he was here we went up to mount Rainier and was walking across a bridge I stopped to admire the view and he was suddenly very quiet and I turned around to see why and there he was on one knee and asked to marry me.