Cori and Quincy

How We Met

Quincy and I met back in Jan of 2014, while we were both students attending Northeastern University. It was a day before his 21st birthday when we met, and I was the lucky gal he asked to spend his birthday dinner with. I took him out for dinner on his birthday and the rest was history!

how they asked

Earlier in the same day of the proposal, Quincy and I fell off of our jet ski in the middle of the gulf of Mexico. As we both swam faster than we’ve ever swam before, Quincy made sure that I safely got back on the jet ski before he did. It was little moments like these that reminded me of how special Quincy is. We laughed all day about it when in reality what had happened was really quite scary. To top the eventful day off, Quincy had made plans with one of the resort’s photographers, Angel, to take professional photos on the beach. At the very end of the photoshoot, Quincy proposed. It was truly magical! He’s so special!

Image 1 of Cori and Quincy

Image 2 of Cori and Quincy

Image 3 of Cori and Quincy