Cori and Nathan

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How We Met

So this is a really funny story. One Sunday afternoon I had a friend text me asking if I wanted to come up to their house and hangout. I said sure let me get around and I’ll head up there. So when I get there they say let’s go eat, I was like sure so we go to this little Mexican restaurant to eat and they say one of our other buddies is coming. Well sure enough just a couple minutes later this guy walls in, really tall, dark hair, and tan skin. I was thinking to myself who is this guy? Well he then sits down with us, this was the other friend. I’m thinking oh my goodness. Well after we all get done eating we head to this little hole in the wall bar and shoot some pool ( I watched ). As everyone is playing pool I’m just staring at him trying to buck up the courage to talk to him. Finally I do and ask him what his name was and how old he was. He said my name is Nathan Mayhugh and im 22. Just some small talk. Well once we are done there we head back to our friends house and we are sitting there talking and just having a good time. It’s starting to get pretty late and so I tell everyone I am about to head out. He says yeah I need to get going to i gotta work early in the morning. So everyone walks out I say bye and head home. When I get home I’m getting ready to jump in the shower and get a notification on my phone saying he had accepted my request on Instagram I was thinking I didn’t add him. He had gotten into my phone earlier when I was in the restroom and added himself that little sneak.

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So then I get on Facebook and look him up and add him. Well just minutes later I get the notification he accepted it. Well I also had a notification for my messenger I was like wow he already messaged Me! Nope it was just saying we were now friends. All of a sudden I get a real message from him asking me why I sent him a thumbs up. I didn’t realize when I opened the notification I had accidentally hit the thumbs up button when I was backing out. I said Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to I was just trying to get rid of the notification he said Oh it’s okay lol. We sent a couple more messages and he says well guess I’m gonna head to bed I gotta be up early I’ll talk to you later. I said okay feel free to message me anytime. Totally sounding desperate at this point lol. He said how about I just text you. So I gave him my number and said goodnight. Didn’t think he actually would but sure was hoping. First thing at 7am I get a text and a Snapchat saying good morning beautiful! I was ecstatic! I was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t hardly go back to sleep! So when I wake up finally, I message him back and ask him how his day is going. We message back and forth and then finally I asked him on a date for that afternoon. And we have now been together ever since. We met on October 16th, 2016. And that day forever changed my life!

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how they asked

So on July 12th, 2017 Nathan and I made plans to do a photo shoot with my best friend Jessika to help her show off her work since she had reopened her business. On this day we had originally planned to shoot our baby announcement pictures but unfortunately Nathan and I lost our baby just 3 days prior to that at 12 weeks. Nathan and I met my best friend down town at the old railroad cars to start shooting. As we are walking around this beautiful park we had shot some beautiful pictures. We get to where we are almost done and my best friends daughter is with us and says hey Cori can we go get ice cream after this? I said sure girly we can! We take a couple more shots and are getting ready to leave and Nathan says hey Jess (as he bumps her on the leg, with the ring in his hand which I don’t know at this point) can we take pics in front of this big tree.

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She said sure as long as you quit bumping me. We all laugh, so I turn around and said so we are taking some pics here he said yeah come here. So I began to walk back toward him and just happen to look down and see something shinning in his hand.

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I immediately stop and just go no, no, no you are not doing this to me right now. He starts just smiling really big. My best friend is just looking around like omg what is going on. About that time he pulls the ring up and she starts shaking and starts snapping pics of him and I as I’m still freaking out trying not to cry. I start walking toward him as he gets down on one knee and says Cori Taylor Foley Will You Marry Me?

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And I was like yes I hate you lol. I was so shocked and so happy I just kissed him and could not believe this was happening to me. Jessika yells at him and say Nathan I’m gonna kill you next time warn the photographer, he said why do you think I bumped you!

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We all just laughed! Jessika then looks at Nathan and asked what made you pick today? He said Cori and I just went through one of the worst things you can ever go through in life. He said I knew she needed this more than ever to know that I was not going anywhere. That I was gonna be here to fight through this tough time of losing our child by her side. She needed to know I love her more than anything and will never leave her side through the good and the bad. Jess and I cried. I found my soulmate and best friend, now I get to marry him!!!

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Special Thanks

Jessika Burris
 | Photographer