Cori and Dalton

How We Met

I met Kasey in 2013. We met online and instantly clicked. We made memories that we still talk and laugh about this day. After a few months, we ended our relationship but tried to always keep in contact.

Five years later, we reconnected. To be honest, Kasey tried to reach out to me but I brushed him off. I knew that if I started talking to him, we would end up dating and I wasn’t sure what I really wanted. He had two kids and I had one. I was trying to master being a single mom and a first-time parent and I didn’t see how a relationship would fit in. So I kept pushing him to the side.

Lucky for me, Kasey was persistent. He wasn’t pushy and he wasn’t aggressive, but he was there for me. He was checking on me and my son daily regardless of the fact that I kept telling him that I didn’t have time to see him.

One day, something told me that I need to stop pushing him, and I let my guard down. I started seeing him and it was just instantly like a fairy tale. I thought that I had been in love before, but Kasey proved me wrong. We quickly grew very close and began to talk about getting married. Things progressed so fast, but it was so natural and perfect for us.

How They Asked

Thanksgiving started to approach and Kasey learned my love for Christmas time. I am the kind of person who thinks Christmas time starts November 1st and end at midnight on December 25th. My love of Christmas time is not just about the holiday but the snow as well. I think snow is absolutely magical.

Where to Propose in Asheville

December 8th it started to snow here in Asheville NC. We ended up getting over a foot of snow, but that didn’t keep Kasey from coming to see me. Sunday, December 9th, Kasey made dinner plans for us in downtown but he wouldn’t tell where he was taking me. We made it to downtown and Kasey had me believing that we were meeting his best friend and going to dinner and a show. Kasey led me up to a fountain in the heart of downtown where we were supposed to meet up with his best friend. The city had decorated it so nicely. There were purple and blue lights in the tree and around a huge snowflake that topped the fountain.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Asheville

After standing there for a few minutes. I noticed that the lights were turning on but only in half of the trees. As I watched the other half, waiting for them to come on, Kasey somehow managed to get me around the fountain where he told that we weren’t meeting his friend.

Proposal Ideas Asheville

At that moment, he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him and marry him. I’m pretty sure that I didn’t even give him time to finish getting the words out before I said yes.

I looked around and all of the lights were on and there was snow on the ground….it was magical and perfect. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect setting for myself.

Special Thanks

Betsabe Fregoso
 | Photographer
Joseph Lee
 | Photographer