Corey and Sean

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Verona, Italy

How We Met

Sean and Corey were out at a local restaurant and bar with their own group of friends, when Sean being the outgoing guy he is screamed “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, why don’t you bring your group of girls over here and play some games with us?” Love was referring Corey’s friend Meg’s shirt that had the word boldly printed across it. Corey and her friends moved tables and started to play some games. Corey was seated next to Sean and OH did the games begin. Sean began by saying he just moved from Texas and pointed across the table to his friend that turned out to be his older brother Scott saying he was from North Carolina. To which Scott politely shook his head.

Corey: What do you do for a living?

Sean:I am Lamp Designer

To which Corey pulled out a pen and paper and asked him to draw a lamp. He drew a straight line and a triangle.

Corey: Try again.

Sean: I am a hand model.

Corey looked at his hands with callus’

Corey: Try again.

Sean : I work with ducks to put them in straight line formations.

Corey: What kind of ducks?

Sean: Mallard,

Corey: What do they eat?

Sean: Pellets.

Corey: Try again.

Sean: I worked for NASA under a confidential job title that I cant say anymore.

Corey looked across at his brother and he shook his head

Corey: Try again.

This is where is all unraveled and he point to his friend from North Carolina and said that they were brothers and they were working at a Paving company to which Corey pointed out they probably weren’t from different states. From then on the truth was told and we played games with our friends the rest of the evening. Sean then asked Corey to go on a date that next week!

how they asked

Sean and Corey along with his family landed in Milan, Italy on March 16, 2017. After seeing the movies Letters to Juliet, Corey wanted to visit Verona and write a letter asking for him to propose. It was our first stop on our Italian vacation. We arrived to Juliet’s Balcony it was a little inlet in the buildings and the walls were covered with lovers names and there was a line to make a wish upon the statue of Juliet’s breast. Corey got in line for the statue with Dawn her future mother in law and Sean, Scott, Alyssa & Mike bought tickets to the museum and explained to the ticket sales lady he wanted to propose on the balcony. She made a call and cleared out the floor in order for us to have a moment to celebrate after the proposal. Corey had made her way to the gift shop and was quickly told that the tour was leaving! Sean grabbed her hand and they went up the stairs to the first floor where the balcony is. Corey was beginning to look at the artifacts and descriptions and Sean was eager to get to the balcony “because no one was on it”. We went out to the balcony. Sean was very sweet. He got down on one knee and ask if Corey would marry him! She said “Hell Yes!” It was magical and well planned. His mother and stepfather caught it all on camera and we have plenty of pictures to treasure the moment for years to come!

Where to Propose in Verona, Italy