Maternity Shoot Turns into Surprise Marriage Proposal

How We Met

Corey: It was an immediate rush, I was in love. Just like that. Not five minutes into our conversation and looking into her eyes for the very first time. I knew she was the one. It sounds cliche but it’s the truth. Kelsie claims to of not remembered my name that night. I still don’t believe that. No way could she of forgot, especially with the mustache I had at the time.

Since the day after Kelsie fell in love with my facial hair, we’ve spent every night together and then more. I found my best friend. Love is a real thing. Lucky for us, we weren’t looking. It just happened. Just like how we’re expecting our first child to be born in April.

When we first met, we always went on walks on this beautiful path that winds its way to Lake Erie. It was here that we would talk about life and what not. It was our special place. This is why we chose to do Kelsie’s maternity photos there. Even in the dead of winter, we knew the beauty that was along that path. She knew it was coming, she has known that I have dreamed of marrying her. She just had no idea that I was going to propose to her on that frigid Sunday morning.

Kelsie: Two years too long I had spent living in the Florida Keys, couch surfing and traveling the lower 48 after graduating high school. After being on the west coast all winter, I was ready to be home with my family. I decided to move to Huron, Ohio to live with my mother and planned on working on the Lake Erie islands the following summer to save some money, then continue with my wanderlust of a life. Little did I know that I would soon find my person and all of those plans would change.

On a snowy night in mid-January, I ventured out with a high school friend to explore the nightlife of Sandusky, Ohio. We soon found ourselves in a “speakeasy” called Volstead. As we were getting our drinks, I noticed our bartender had an extremely obnoxious mustache and an awkwardness to him. After receiving our drinks, we began to strike up a conversation about how I was new to the area. It had turned out that we both had very similar traveling lifestyles and how he had just returned from Keystone, Colorado. We both were surprised to find out that we knew all of the same people, but never had actually met. After a couple of amazing cocktails from him, my friend and I were ready for the next location. Before leaving, I introduced myself and hoped we would someday meet again.

The next day, I was shocked when I opened my Facebook and saw a friend request from my new bartender friend. I figured he would forget that we ever met! One thing leads to another, and that night we met up for our first date. Since then, we have grown into a wonderful relationship and are expecting our first child out of that genuine love and passion that we are so lucky to have. We moved into our second home shortly after finding out about my pregnancy.

how they asked

Our 1 year anniversary came extremely fast after the news that we were going to be parents! In mid-February, we had a very much anticipated maternity session scheduled with our talented photographer. It was a bitterly cold day, and I couldn’t have been wearing less for our session.

Corey was with me every minute to ensure that I was warm enough, and to help bring the genuine smile out of his presence. We were about to walk to our next location when Corey suddenly says to our photographer “Can we get one more shot…?” Puzzled, I turned to look at him to ask what he wanted, and before I could turn around, he was on one knee, staring so lovingly into my eyes.

At this moment, my heart was pounding, tears welled up in my eyes, the photographer began clicking her shutter ferociously. That’s when Corey pulled out a ring box and asked me to be his wife.

There we were in frigid temperatures on Lake Erie, my photographer and mother-in-law present, and I was asked to be the wife of my person. Everyone present erupted into tears of joy and congratulatory hugs. I can’t think of a more memorable moment in my life than that moment. I knew I was going to be a new mom before summer, I didn’t know I’d be a new wife as well.

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