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how we met

My fiancé Bianca and I definitely don’t have a traditional love story of how we met. We have known each other since middle school. In high school we were always around each other. I was the varsity football player and she was the cheerleader. Despite how things usually may happen on television or in any other high school movie we never dated. Actually, we never were really interested in each other at all. I dated someone who was in her circle of friends and she dated someone who I was also friendly with.

After high school and college we managed to some how stay in touch through social media. We also would run into each other from time to time in Boston, the city we are from. We always seemed to be in some super serious relationship at the same time with other people. We both are the relationship types, but despite this we still were always supportive of each other. I remember going to one of Bianca’s dance show productions. It moved me how she loved children so much and made it a priority to change our community by giving back through the world of arts. After the show I enrolled my niece in the program. She absolutely loved it. During this time Bianca was no longer in a long-term relationship and I had recently ended my long time relationship as well.

It took some convincing, but I was finally able to take her out on a date. We have been inseparable ever since. She truly is my queen. And to think, I used to pass my future wife in the hallway after homeroom! She was right under my nose the whole time. I hope you all enjoy our proposal video.

how they asked

This video highlights the steps of my proposal to my Queen. We met when we were just kids in Middle School and were always great friends.Never thinking that we would end up together, I always supported her non profit organization and overtime our friendship grew. Our timing was impeccable as we began dating, I knew this woman was going to be my wife. 17 months later we are engaged! She was placed into my life for a reason and I’m more than grateful to spend the rest of my life with her.

It’s always fun to get creative when planning for one of the biggest days in your life! There is a lot of love in this video so, enjoy!

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