Corey and Amy

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How we met

Corey and I actually met in a bar called Tin Roof the night before the Carolina vs. Clemson game in 2013. He had a beard for “no shave November” and I actually asked for his number (he loves to bring up that specifically when this story gets told). Once he put his full name and number in my phone, I hit call so he would have my number as well- but for some reason or another, I also hit cancel immediately afterwards, so the call never went through.

Not realizing what happened and a little miffed come Sunday that I never heard from him the day before like he promised, I found him on Facebook. Convinced by my friend (I didn’t need much convincing), I requested him. Immediately I got a message from him and we quickly realized the mix-up. I gave him my number and a couple weeks later, we began seeing each other. Even though there were bumps along the way, mustering up the courage and talking to him that night turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life.

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how they asked

For Christmas 2015, Corey surprised his mom with a session for a family photo shoot (to be shot by our talented friend- Madison Phillips!). Little did I know, this was all a part of Corey’s plan. The session was planned for February 6, 2016. We were having the best time, taking pictures of the different family dynamics- when Corey calls over to Madison and asks “Will you get one of Amy and me?”

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Since I’m always documenting occasions with pictures of the two of us, I was glad for his request. We posed as normal and after the first picture was snapped, he whispers “I have a surprise for you.”

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I was completely confused and next thing I knew, he was kneeling to one knee and pulling a ring box out of his sock (poor guy had it there all day)! He wasn’t able to say much of his planned speech because of my giddy and confused interruptions, asking “Are you serious?” But he was able to ask and I of course said yes. What I then learned was that Madison was capturing each amazing moment since she was in on it too!

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My surprise at all this was matched with Corey’s families yelps and happy tears. Turns out, they also had no idea of his plan. How sneaky! And the surprises didn’t end there either, my whole family (who did know and had given him their permission weeks prior) were all waiting to celebrate at our planned lunch spot!

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Special Thanks

Madison Myers Photography
 | photographer