Coree and Andrew

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How We Met

It began in the Oak building at Cal State, Fullerton in 2009. On the first evening of move-in week, I led my roommates down the hall where I met my future husband. Andrew and I both majored in Kinesiology, and were classmates twice freshman year. We started out as friends, and after several study dates, there seemed to be a spark between them us. When summer came, I stayed in Fullerton to work and Andrew headed home to Fremont. We countered the distance by sending letters to each other in the mail. When the summer came to an end, we grew closer which led Andrew to ask me to be his girlfriend on September 18, 2010.

Falling In Love.

Andrew and I grew close as we developed common interests in traveling, spending time with each other’s family, and enjoying country music. Throughout five years of dating, we traveled to many places such as Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, the Bahamas, and the island of Hawaii. Our love was built through the adventures we shared.

That love grew through spending holidays together with each other’s families, enjoying meals, sharing stories, and playing with our baby niece. Our families had the pleasure of meeting each other at our college graduation in 2013. After graduation, we stayed in sunny Southern California. We spent countless weekends boating and enjoying country music concerts.

There were many country songs that reflected our love but only one truly coincided with our life. Thompson Square’s “Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?” was released shortly before Andrew and I became a couple. It tells a story of a love struck couple sitting on their parents roof (which Andrew and I actually did, while putting up Christmas decorations), to their proposal and then their wedding in the middle of June. Andrew knew he wanted to incorporate our song into our happily ever after.

how they asked

In the summer of 2015 Andrew knew he wanted to ask for my hand in marriage. That summer, we hosted my parents, Cliff and Kelly, for the Fourth of July weekend. One afternoon, while I was at work, Andrew shared his proposal idea with Cliff and Kelly. With their blessing, Andrew invited them back to Palm Springs later in August to share in the memorable proposal. Andrew found the perfect ring and bought tickets plus meet ‘n greet passes to the upcoming Thompson Square concert.

In late August, my sister and parents visited Palm Springs to join in on the big surprise. After the reveal of the secret concert, our group of five went to the venue for dinner where they surprised me with the meet ‘n greet passes. We were all so excited to meet Thompson Square. When the venue doors opened, we went backstage and waited our turn to meet the band. Andrew and I stood last in line, anxious to meet our favorite band.


When it was finally our turn, we shared hugs and handshakes with Shawna and Kiefer Thompson. Andrew told the band about how the song, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?” so closely reflected our relationship. Connecting the song to their affectionate love story, Andrew got down on one knee with the most beautiful ring and said “Coree Leanne Sharp, are you gonna marry me or not?”


I was in such joy, I said yes and they all celebrated the moment. Thompson Square loved our story so much, they even invited us to dance on stage during the encore song, “Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?”

ring thompson sqaure


Andrew and I enjoyed our first concert as an engaged couple from center crowd at in the venue. After the first encore song, Thompson Square shared with the crowd our heartwarming proposal story that took place backstage. The band called us onstage to celebrate the engagement with a first dance to our favorite song.


Andrew and I planned a slow dance, a few spins, and a proposal reenactment in order to calm our nerves and downplay our lack of rhythm. The moments onstage were bliss.


After the show, Andrew and I were recognized and congratulated by dozens of Thompson Square fans as we left the casino. The celebration continued in Downtown Palm Springs at Lulu’s bistro, where the generous server put icing on the cake.


Our Video

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