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How We Met

Anele Morris and I met in North Hollywood, California. I was an artist touring the country in a van and living in the park. Anele Morris is a South African actress who at the time near complete with a student visa. We met at a coffee shop, talked, exchanged contacts and went our separate ways. I am an Air Force Reserve photojournalist assigned the 4th Combat Camera Squadron out of Charleston, South Carolina. I had a 3-week assignment in Okinawa, Japan working with a special forces unit the day after meeting Anele. I couldn’t stop thinking about her and our conversation while I was out of country working.

Corban and Anele's Engagement in The Grand Canyon

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Grand Canyon

When I got back to the states, I called her and asked if I could fly back to Los Angeles and spend more time with her. She accepted and I asked her to be my girlfriend. Shortly after, her visa expired and she had to move back to Cape Town, South Africa. I put my art life on hold for a couple months and moved with her. She was approved for an O-1 artist visa and we moved back to Hollywood together where we currently pursue our creative gifts.

Proposal Ideas The Grand Canyon

Corban's Proposal in The Grand Canyon

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Anele and I currently live in Hollywood, California. I work as an artist and she works as an actress. Our days our busy and often spent working around the clock. We took a week off to drive down to San Diego to visit my family for Thanksgiving and from there we kicked off a week long camping trip through Arizona. Our final stop on our camping trip was The Grand Canyon.

We arrived later than I wanted to. I knew I wanted to ask her to marry me on the cliffside of the canyon during sunset but I was losing sunlight fast. We escaped from the other tourists and found a beautiful place to catch the sunset together. I asked her to stand in front of my camera so we could take a picture. The camera was secretly recording and I dropped to a knee and asked her to marry me.

She said yes. Prior to our trip I spoke with her father Justice Ngcizela on the phone who currently still lives in South Africa. I asked for his daughters hand in marriage and he gave me his blessing. Now we are fulfilling lobola, a South African Xhosa wedding tradition.

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